Framingham EDIC launches Gift Card Matching Program to Help Small Businesses

To help local Framingham businesses dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Framingham’s Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) has recently launched a gift card matching program. The EDIC will spend up to $10,000 by offering a dollar-for-dollar match on gift cards purchased by members of the community at participating Framingham businesses. More details on the program can be found at the Choose Framingham website.
“Retail businesses in Framingham continue to struggle, even though we are hopeful that with more vaccinations and more assistance coming, economic recovery is on the horizon,” said Doug Lawrence, EDIC Chair. “The EDIC’s gift card matching program will help Framingham employers, especially retailers, restaurants, service-based, and more, during this crucial period.”
The program will run between May 1 and May 16, 2021. During that two-week time period, when a gift card is purchased by a member of the community, it will be matched by the EDIC, dollar for dollar, up to $250 per business as long as matching funds last. The opportunity will be open to all locally-owned, for-profit retail, restaurant and service-based businesses, including local franchisees and local licensees, physically located in Framingham, with annual sales less than $2,000,000.
Businesses who may be interested in participating in the program should apply by April 9, 2021 at 5 PM at this link. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional details, including terms and conditions, are available at the Choose Framingham website.