Q&A with Miranda Haymon,
Writer, Director, and Curator
Once a month, Steppingstone Alumni/ Board Members will share insights on their career journey and provide career tips and guidance for Steppingstone Scholars. For this month, Scholars will get a chance to learn more about Miranda's career journey of directing and producing films and commercials for various clients and companies!
Q: Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What were your post-graduate high school plans? What year did you commence from Steppingstone (if you remember)?
I’m Miranda, I’m a Virgo from Roslindale and I use they/she pronouns! After graduating
high school I wanted to join the circus (literally) but decided to go to liberal arts college
instead and make my own circus. I took classes in theater, visual art, choreography,
literature, and social science and while pursuing directing, hosting a radio show and
starting a band with my friends. Now I make art with my friends, professionally! I work as
a director and producer in theater, commercials and film, most notably with companies
like Dunkin’, Gucci, Progressive and Audible.
Q: What has the journey to your current role been like for you?
It’s been surprising and fulfilling. I knew I’d be making art in some way, but I never knew
I’d be working in so many different mediums. It’s incredible that I turned all my college
extracurriculars and classes into my role as a multi-hyphenate artist. For me, it was really
important to try lots of new things in college and to not worry about how to turn it into a
career. My prioritization of process over product has been a main source of the success I
have now. I appreciate following my interests and tangents authentically.
Q: What do you enjoy most about your current position?
I love that the nature of my work remains the same (support the creation of new, though
provoking work) but that what’s on my plate is different every day. I could be at my desk
writing emails on Monday, on Tuesday going to a reading of a work-in-progress and on
Wednesday on set or in a recording studio. It keeps me sharp and there’s never a dull
Q: What tips might you have for Scholars hoping to pursue a similar career path that you’ve taken?
Find your voice! This is an ongoing process but start to discover your taste, interests, and motivation for making art. Write about it in a journal, talk about it with your friends,
make a Pinterest board! Ask yourself: what kind of work inspired me to make art? Who
am I following in the footsteps of? What inspires me? Your taste is yours no matter what,
so keep it close to your heart.
Q: What tips might you have for Scholars looking to strengthen their resume-building or interview skills?
Practice in the mirror. Seriously, this helps. It sounds silly but if you spend time talking
to yourself and getting a handle of all the thoughts, anxieties, and ideas swirling around
in your head then when they come out in an interview they will already be partially
Q: Networking can be hard…how do you recommend Scholars connect with others in the fields they’re interested in and strengthen their relationship-building skills?
Remember that all of us were in the exact same position as you once. And even if we’ve
found success or have our dream job we are still human. Don’t put anyone too high on a
pedestal or feel like you can’t access them. We believe in you! You got this.
If you want to connect with Miranda to learn more about their experiences or for more advice, feel free to reach out to Thai Luong at [email protected].