Additionally, the crew has installed conduit for the small stretch of 8th Avenue from Q to Texas Drive, and then 700-800 feet east up Texas Dr. They have also begun work on Stone Creek Trail west of 10th Street. Over in the 12th Street area, work has begun on Heathrow Avenue.
Hello Friends!

Have you ever noticed that the word "Queue" is just the letter "Q" followed by four silent letters?

Well, even if not, you may have noticed that our construction crew has completed burying underground conduit all the way down Q Avenue!

They will now be placing pedestals along the Q Ave. route. Later, these pedestals will be used as access points to splice new customers onto our network.
For our Applegate residents, you'll be interested to know that our crews will be heading up Percheron Street in approximately 2 weeks.

If you know a neighbor who would like to receive these updates, please direct them to this website to sign up. Or, they can simply text "ctstelecom" to 22828.
A reminder about MISS DIG:

CTS uses the MISS DIG system to notify existing utilities to locate and mark their facilities on the ground with paint and flags. This is a color coded system, with the following colors representing different utilities.
Once our crews are done with an area, they remove the flags. Please do not remove the flags yourself, as it could negatively impact your existing facilities.