The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology
Letter from the Chairman

I pray this newsletter finds you, your colleagues, and your family keeping safe. We do have a challenging year ahead of us in 2020.  

However, we all have an exciting role to play in our society: to promote machinery failure prevention technology and practice its use all around us. Our skills and practice apply not only to big industrial machines and manufacturing, but also to pharmaceuticals, medical facility buildings, and all other equipment. We all must continue to create value for machinery users around us.  

Like many of you, I am not traveling now. Instead, I am using my work from home time to catch up on projects, attend online training courses, host internet meetings to stay in touch, and strengthen the relationship with my family and my colleagues. As a knowledge worker, this is a great time to hone my skills, and share them with others.  

I feel positive about our 2020 Annual Conference: “ Advancing Analytics for Failure Prevention”. Plans for a physical conference the week of August 4th continue forward, with a decision to be made by the end of June. As an alternative, MFPT will host a virtual conference. For those, planning to submit papers and presentations, we continue to move forward and maintain our opportunity to publish our works in this year’s proceedings.  

In the shorter term, we are consolidating our discussion groups on LinkedIn to improve visibility and the understanding of the relationship between each of the MFPT focus group areas, . This consolidation makes it easier for our community to reach all members with comments, questions, and challenges. We look forward to your participation in this unique LinkedIn group.  

Stay Safe and Healthy, 
Chairman Preston Johnson
Failure analysis and prevention
Repeated Failure of Thrust Collar by Mantosh Bhattacharya, FAFG Chair.
MFPT Focus Group Areas
The Society’s mission is facilitated within our focus groups.
Letter from the SFG Chair

Without a doubt, this is a difficult time focus on our business. My state (Massachusetts) is locked down, with everyone working from home and students continuing their courses on-line. Conferences and travel are cancelled for the foreseeable future, and no doubt like me, everyone you know is just a bit pre-occupied figuring out how to navigate this new reality while taking care of your loved ones. How can I make this invitation in a way that doesn't sound trite or insensitive? To start, for me part of coping is, while adjusting daily life and shuffling my priorities, to carry on as best I can. Maybe you're also planning for the time when we emerge from the other side of this turbulence (this too shall certainly pass!) - and praying that time comes sooner rather than later.

Just prior to the emergence of COVID-19, I was invited to join the board of the Society for Manufacturing Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT). At that time, I'd said that this was an exciting time to be in the business of keeping machines running, as the tools available to the maintenance and reliability professional continue to deliver new capabilities, expanding our toolkit. As new chair of the MFPT Sensors Working Group, I'd also asserted that sensor technologies are a key component in the expansion of the condition monitoring landscape. Today, new sensor technologies continue to push the performance boundaries, particularly with respect to size and power. Digital interfaces expand connectivity options and facilitate access to data by more users and subject matter experts, enabling the development of health indicators with data driven approaches, providing early warning of emerging problems. The charter of the Sensor Focus Group at is to educate and equip our members to better understand, select and apply the latest in sensor technology to the practice of machine health prognostics, enabling and expanding our goal of reducing unplanned machine downtime.

Despite the developments of the last few weeks, all of this is still relevant. Indeed, it may be more important than ever in the 'new normal' to continue our efforts to maximize our machine uptime, helping to optimize factory efficiency.

With that in mind, we're still planning to hold our MFPT Annual Conference August 4-7 in Savannah, Georgia, in association with the Vibration Institute Annual Training Conference.
Is it too optimistic to make this conference part of your post-virus plans for this year? We don’t think so. I invite you to submit abstracts and join us in historic @Savannah later this summer. I hope to see you there!

Ed Spence
MFPT's SFG Chair
Going Forward

The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT) continues its mission of providing a technical interchange of MFPT topics. We look forward to our annual conference, whether it be physical or virtual. If you have a topic to share at our conference, please let us know at Completed Papers and Presentations are due June 4, 2020.

Please visit MFPT and on our LinkedIn discussion forum at MFPT: Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology and on Twitter.