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This  edition includes information on our upcoming networking event at NIGA, our kickoff article written by one of our very own Emerging Leaders, a review of the gaming industry's millennial-geared transformation, our featured "40 Under 40" winner, and registration information for our upcoming webinar.   Read on for more about Emerging Leaders of Gaming  and how you can participate! 
Join us at NIGA for an Emerging Leaders Meetup, 
hosted by The Innovation Group's
Chris Irwin & Angela Slovachek!

Chris Irwin
Angela Slovachek
Senior Analyst

Tuesday, April 11
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

The Whiskey House
Please RSVP below and plan to bring a business card in exchange for drink tickets.
by DeJuna Frye

We in Emerging Leaders of Gaming are all part of a new class of leaders. But what does that mean for us and the people we lead? What kind of leaders do we want to be, and who are we leading? Who is leading us? Is a "boss" the same thing as a "leader"? The answers to these questions impact how we see others as well as how they see us. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
FROM SPECULATION TO ACTION: How the Gaming Industry is Transforming to Attract Millennials
by Michael Vanaskie

Over the past several years, the gaming industry has begun to sound like a broken record. The term "millennial" has gone from an emerging topic, to buzzword, to completely overused. This makes sense, though, as the industry's primary target demographic, Baby Boomers, continues to age while the millennial generation has become the largest generation in the domestic workforce. 
Join us Wednesday, April 19th at 2:00 p.m. EDT for an in-depth review of emerging technologies and the gamification of casino properties. 
Featured "40 Under 40" Winner: 
Against All Odds
by Marie Casias

Crystal Janvier
Researcher & Analyst
Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

With an unimaginable set of challenges to face at a very young age, Crystal Janvier's story is nothing short of incredible. As a new mom at the young age of 18, Crystal balanced parenting with working two jobs and attending school full-time at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT). While it's safe to say that most new parents find the task to be a struggle at times, Crystal's circumstances were so extenuating that some might fight them near impossible. For instance, her search for a daycare that would accept newborns took months before she finally secured one, only to have to transport her child there by bus every day for a year, as she did not own a car. 

Her second year into SIIT, she transferred to the University of Saskatchewan, but the challenges typical of parenting became downright daunting as Crystal tried to stay afloat in her myriad of commitments, and she finally made the tough decision to drop out of school to focus on making enough money to support her daughter. Crystal continued as a working mom and as the main breadwinner until her break came in 2002 when she landed a receptionist job with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) in Saskatoon, Canada.
About the writers:
DeJuna Frye
Gaming Agent Supervisor
Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission

Michael Vanaskie
Director,  Operations Planning
The Innovation Group

Marie Casias
Manager, Marketing & Administration
The Innovation Group

Emerging Leaders of Gaming Continues to Grow
Emerging Leaders of Gaming continues to grow in popularity with its webinars and networking events. Today's young executives are developing into tomorrow's industry leaders as The Innovation Group and the AGA continue to make great strides in expanding this phenomenal program.  Visit our page for information on our upcoming or past webinars, or to learn more about our program.

Emerging Leaders of Gaming gives today's young industry executives the chance to network with the right people so that they're not afraid to ask the questions that will open doors for them.  This is especially important for First Nations people as it bridges the gap between their traditions and western world standards."

Crystal Janvier
Researcher & Analyst
Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations


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- Out of the New Orleans office, Angela Slovachek has been promoted to Senior Analyst, and Christopher Irwin of the Denver office has been promoted to Director, Native American & Interactive Services

Emerging Leaders of Gaming has established itself as the go-to network for young professionals assuming the next generation of leadership in gaming, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, tourism, and leisure. We continue to support the growth and development of these rising stars as they achieve their fast-track to success, destined to fill tomorrow's senior-level and C-suite management positions.  

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