Q1 NEWSLETTER  |  January 28, 2016
Dear Emerging Leaders of Gaming TM Member,
Over the past three years, many of you have expressed interest in being part of the Emerging Leaders of Gaming Program - whether it was joining our LinkedIn Group, participating at the EL events at G2E or submitting an application for a scholarship through G2E. Whether recognized as one of Global Gaming Business Magazine's "40 Under 40" or just part of the LinkedIn Group, we would like to encourage you to participate in The Innovation Group's new programming.  In 2016, we will expand both this group's reach and potential by creating one comprehensive database of contacts based on our various interaction points.

This year, we will take some exciting steps to expand the Emerging Leaders Network, our goal being to subdivide the Emerging Leaders into smaller groups of people with similar professional backgrounds and interests, which will in turn foster growth and networking opportunities for all.

By engaging in these smaller groups, we hope to create content and interaction on a personalized level that better matches your interests, offering each of you the opportunity to meet one another on a smaller scale. The entire group will still continue to convene at industry events including G2E, G2E Asia, NIGA and ICE, and outside of these large industry events, your group will have one to two events per quarter.

We hope you are as excited as we are to roll out the Emerging Leaders Network. Within the next week, you will receive your first invitation for this month's activity as well as notification of which group you are enrolled in. 

We look forward to the expanding Emerging Leaders Network of 2016.

To join the Emerging Leaders Network or to learn more information on how to get involved, please email leaders@theinnovationgroup.com or visit our page.  
Featured "40 Under 40" Winner
by Michael Vanaskie

Felix Danciu
Chief Executive Officer
Elmcore Group

Often times in business, a well-rounded background and diverse experience provide a solid foundation for achievement. Felix Danciu is a prime example of how he has been able to leverage his competencyin diverse industries to help him realize additional success in the gaming sector. 

Emerging Leaders fills a void needed to connect young and aspirational gaming professionals who are often disconnected in our diverse industry. It provides the opportunity to share ideas, refine skills, and socialize within the industry regardless of geographic and disciplinary fragmentation. 

Michael Soll
The Innovation Group


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