What is a Lone Worker and how do you protect them?
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Additional workers that may benefit from this product outside of Lone Workers include those with known medical conditions or special risks/needs.
A Lone Worker is defined as an employee who performs a job duty that is done in isolation from other workers, therefore without close or direct supervision. Think of it this way... does the job require regular interaction with other workers? If not, they are a Lone Worker. Examples include maintenance personnel on rooftops, warehouse workers, waste water treatment operators and cold storage workers. Lone Workers need to be identified and protected. Traditional methods either rely on a worker remembering to check in with their supervisor or vice versa. These methods are risky and ineffective. Often after an incident occurs, by the time a supervisor to finds the Lone Worker, critical time has passed from the time of incident or injury.

So how do you protect these workers? Check-in systems are not enough. With immediate notification systems like the Grace Lone Worker System, supervisors are immediately notified when a worker is in distress. It does not rely on cell phone service or internet, so even the most secluded of all Lone Workers will be protected.

Environmental Recovery Corporation (ERC) focuses on helping to meet their customers' sustainability needs through waste disposal and recycling. ERC is the largest non-hazardous residual waste processor in the Mid-Atlantic. Waste is brought in by tanker trucks and sampled. A method is then determined to process, treat or recycle. In order to collect the waste samples, workers must climb up the tanker trucks and open access manholes on the top of the tanks.

ERC reached out to us as fall protection experts to solve their unique needs. Ark Safety experts analyzed the application requirements and restraints. ERC receives waste through outside transportation companies, all with varying truck styles that present individual challenges. They needed a system that would work no matter what style rig pulled into their facility. It was determined that several Rigid Lifeline Single Post Suspension Fall Protection Systems offered the best solution for their application.

This project was recently featured in a case study by our friends at Rigid Lifelines. Click here to read the case study in full and watch the below video overview and interview of Hannah Fritz, Vice President of ERC.
" Many companies invest in fall protection as a reaction to an incident. ERC installed the system before there was an incident and it demonstrates their customers that they emphasize safety and invest strongly in providing their best service ."

- Bill Specht, President & CEO at Ark Safety
" The feedback we've gotten from the workers that use the system has been really great! We've actually become more efficient in our sampling time because they are safer in doing so. We now are able to sample six trucks at once. They quickly realized that they were safe doing the job that was required. "

- Hannah Fritz, Vice President and Health & Safety Manager at ERC

We do it, so you don't have to.

Managing inventory levels for PPE and industrial supplies can be a taxing job for any business. At Ark Safety we understand that having your supplies and tools in the right place at the right time is crucial to maintaining smooth and efficient operations. Taking on this task alone can be an ongoing challenge for any business, no matter what the quantity of products or scale of your operations. The solution? Our Vendor Managed Inventory Programs, VMIPs. It's a more effective way to account for and distribute MRO and PPE supplies. Most companies have multiple departments ordering and managing their own supplies. With Ark Safety's VMIPs, there is now a single source to manage the restocking of your supplies and a universal procedure for all plant personnel. 

Not only will our VMIPs save you time and improve your supply chain efficiency, it can also be a huge cost savings to you! Ark Safety's extremely competitive pricing is just the first step in making this happen. In addition, it is likely that you will see reduced consumption and increased control through our VMIPs. Often, they increase visibility, spark awareness, and set accountability in the usage and consumption of MRO and safety products. Companies with traditional dispersion and consumption of products may struggle in these areas. When using traditional dispersion methods, waste can be hard to identify. With VMIPs, usage reports include detailed transactions by cabinet entry, cost, employee, department, production line, product, and customer general ledger accounts. As a result accountability, traceability and trend tracking become much easier. Fingerprint, c ard, and pin entry options are available for all system types. 

With our VMIPs, every transaction is recorded instantaneously. This solution is great for companies looking to have an automated and technology- integrated system. The VMIP is placed within the production area to increase productivity. An Ark Safety representative or trained customer employee will restock the cabinets based on the usage from the reports.

Click here to read more and watch a video tutorial of this system in action.  
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