Xtra Effort clients seem optimistic about reaching their Q2 sales and delivery objectives. Best of success.


We continue to see hiring demand across the below sectors (service and product companies) :


Enterprise security, including authentication, SIEM, single sign-on, data security, etc.


Data and Content Management, i.e., managing the data itself, to analytics and data movement


Social Media solutions to address enterprise needs related to product innovation, customer services, employee collaboration, and customer engagement


Mobile solutions, and workforce Management 


Locations: The Northeast, West Coast, Chicago, and Texas represent the majority of the geographies where candidates are needed, with exceptions.


Xtra Effort has noticed candidate selection cycles to be about 4 - 8 weeks.


Candidates seem to have more choices, forcing employers to be more timely and efficient in their evaluation process.


Please contact Xtra Effort if you want to discuss your hiring needs for Q3 and Q4.


Thank you.




Mark Rodman, Principal





PS,  how much value would you place on seeing a prerecorded video of a candidate interview performed by Xtra Effort on your behalf, with your questions?


You could review it at a time and place that is convenient for you.


The intended value would be for you to be able to see and hear the candidate's communication style. Your thoughts on the time savings and potential productivity gains?