2016 Ductless Sales Continue Upward Trend
NW Ductless Heat Pump Project data continues to show total ductless sales increasing year over year. The Project predicts total Northwest regional sales of ductless units in 2016 to reach a 20% increase over 2015. The Project continues to see incredible opportunity in making this technology more accessible to homeowners with modest homes and incomes, where single-zone applications improve customer comfort and help cut electric heating costs by up to 50%. Market penetration of ductless systems in these communities remains low. 
Changes to Utility Rebates Effective October 1
Each October, Bonneville Power Administration, or BPA, releases updated utility rebate requirements, which may impact utility contractor/homeowner rebate amounts. Be sure to confirm the current rebate amounts with your local utility. 
Gensco-Mitsubishi Single-Zone Ductless System Promotion
Gensco and Mitsubishi are offering Northwest consumers an instant discount of $350 on the purchase of single-zone Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems from October 1 to December 25, 2016. Installers can reduce homeowner costs even further by pairing this discount with utility rebates and tax credits where available. Equipment must be purchased from Gensco and installed by a participating Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor to take advantage of the promotional discount. To become a participating installer, contact Hannah Mason at Gensco at (253) 620-8265 or hmason@gensco.com. You and your customers can find out more about this promotion at www.saveonheatingbill.com
Keep Your Company Current on the Installer Finder
To remain an oriented installer with the Project, qualify for utility incentives, and continue your listing on the installer finder on GoingDuctless.com, we require at least one current company representative to have completed our installer orientation. If you don't have someone currently on staff who has taken the training, please sign up for the next training on Oct 26th. To register, visit https://goingductless.com/partners/training-events. By completing this requirement, installation companies and their employees can learn how best to promote ductless systems to Northwest homeowners. The Project will contact companies who are in danger of being removed in early 2017 to confirm eligibility.

Additionally, orientation webinars are an excellent opportunity to educate new employees about the technology, help you and your employees communicate the benefits of ductless heat pump technology to your customers and achieve successful ductless system installations. Quality installations result in minimal call backs, more customer referrals and increased awareness of ductless technology. We encourage all of your company's installers to attend. Register for an upcoming webinar here
Help Your Customers Save More on Their Heating Bills with These Tips
Helping your customers understand the difference between "Auto Fan" and "Auto Mode" can help save more on their heating bills. Setting the system to "Auto Fan" helps ensure the system is running at an optimal efficiency. The Project recommends avoiding "Auto Mode," and instead set the temperature to "heating" or "cooling." This keeps the system from unnecessarily switching from heating mode to cooling mode, saves energy and keeps homes seasonally consistent.
Drive Sales with Marketing and Consumer Education Tools
NW Ductless Heat Pump Project offers numerous marketing and consumer education resources on GoingDuctless.com to assist you in promoting ductless systems. Sample ads, website content tips, FAQs, infographics, homeowner guides and more are available now. These customizable tools help promote ductless systems and educate your customers on their year-round benefits. Take advantage of these tools to help increase consumer knowledge of the technology and boost your ductless sales, and let us know how you're using these tools in your marketing materials. You can reach out to us at info@goingductless.com.
The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). NEEA is an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working to accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and  practices  in the Northwest.