As you know, the Q4 rush is in full swing. It has been our experience that clients made decisions for 12/1 very late and we are experiencing extreme backlog and nervousness over the timing of approvals and ID cards with all carriers! Please be patient as we can only go as fast as carriers can load the data. In particular, Oxford has had a huge month and is working diligently to get cases in the system.

We suggest submitting 1/1 business as early as possible.  As you know, effective dates are always honored, but ID cards and group numbers take time and our carriers work on a "date received" basis. We want to provide complete and transparent expectations and hope that you will do the same with your clients. 

Please let clients know that the later you submit, the later they can expect to see ID cards and group numbers. We have processed hundreds of cases and it is impossible to field every call for an ID card during the first week of the month.

We are ON YOUR TEAM. We are pushing for all cases to be issued as soon as possible. Help us help you by having clean submissions. Please provide all information, all signatures and all tax documents and fill in any and all missing information.