August 2020
Get Ready for Christmas
Have you started your Christmas gifts? You know, Christmas-in-July is when it starts!

There may not be as many resources this year as normal, but there is a lot of imagination available online to put together some items from what you've collected and cleaned out from your closet. The stores are not getting a wide range of products in for consumer use and this shortage is causing originality to abound.

QACDG is a creative group -- Let's keep going! We can do this!
Theresa Morales
Madame President
Once again, as the Senior Center remains closed during August, our guild will not be able to meet in-person. Join us online for our monthly YouTube Meeting. You're also welcome to join us on Facebook and share your stories and photos with members. Just click here and answer the three questions!

WHERE: At Home on YouTube
WHEN: Online, anytime starting Thurs., August 6, and after
 After the Guild Meeting: None

Theresa will create a slide show to present on YouTube, with updates from the guild and Show & Tell. Look for the link in your Aug. 5 reminder email.
Beyond Beginner Bee
Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I also hope your scrap pile and UFO piles are getting smaller, and your community service pile is getting larger. This is a great time to try out new blocks and to stretch your comfort zone. Take something we have learned before and try it again. Then please share! (I have not finished a darn thing other than community service items!) At least organize that sewing room! Stay safe. Miss you
Carla Action

Newbie Bee
This bee teaches new quilters how to make quilts in a 10-month program. As we can no longer meet, feel free to contact us if you need help in any area. Here is hoping we can meet again soon! 
Genie White and Carla Action
Community Service Bee
Curbside pick-up and driveway shopping    
Once again, Gennette hosted curbside pick-up and driveway fabric shopping on July 16, our regular 3rd Thursday meeting day. Thirteen members dropped off donations of quilts, totes and pillowcases.       
What sizes of quilts are best for donation?
To minimize waste and avoid piecing the batting, we appreciate donations in which one length of a quilt can be sandwiched with 45 inches of batting. The other length of the quilt can be flexible. Please remember that longarm quilters who volunteer to finish quilts for us need between 3 and 4 inches of allowance on all four sides.         
70-ish for October
Thank you for helping us during this challenging year! We are close to meeting our goals for 2020. After crunching the numbers, it looks like the magic number is 70.  Can you help us make 70 quilts, 70 pillowcases and 70 totes by mid-October? More is better, so aim for 80-ish or even 90-ish! 

If you need fabric or batting, email one of the Beekeepers (Gail Benz, Gennette Gailey, Anna Rasmussen, or Carol Wilkerson), and we will get supplies to you!   
Here are our goals and donations to date:
Quilts : GOAL: 200                         NEEDED BY OCTOBER: 70-ish                                                              
Totes :  GOAL: 150                         NEEDED BY OCTOBER: 70-ish                                            
Heart Sets : GOAL: 150 sets       NEEDED BY OCTOBER: any donations appreciated                                               
Pillowcases : GOAL: 300               NEEDED BY OCTOBER: 70-ish      
Medical Dolls:  GOAL: 50             NEEDED BY OCTOBER: any donations appreciated
Cloth face masks donated by QACDG:
*Cancer Center @ NFR:                 416
*Grace Marketplace:                      66
*Family Promise:                             58
*Fisher House:                                 100
*UF Psychiatric Unit:                      139
*UF Vet school:                                 50
*Peaceful Paths:                               120
 of Elections:                                      600
Tally to date:                                     1549         
Carol Wilkerson, Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen & Gennette Gailey
We have another virtual Show & Tell this month. All members are intived to share your work via email during our time in coronavirus self-isolation. Here are stories and photos we received over the past month.
Dolores Utley
Two blocks for red and purple challenge.

Sugar and Spice baby quilt top. Will have scalloped border.

Charms on-point baby quilt top.

 Naomi Simmons

Finally finished my scrappy quilt I started at camp! 

J o Lomprey

I returned to Wisconsin mid-May. While I was still in Florida, I helped make 90 UF masks and another 150 or more for church and friends and family. What a great use of scrap material.

I am attaching pictures of an Attic Window quilt I made for my grandson's high school graduation. The quilt is reversible. He is headed to McGill University in Montreal, with a goal to become an astronaut.

The second quilt I made for my sister's birthday from fabric I purchased at Trenton several years ago because I loved it. Yes really, fell in love with fabric. She is a bird lover.

I am working on baby quilts for my godson's 4th child and a great nephew's 2nd child. The joy of a large family!

I made four quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief with Betty Roode in Florida and will start making more tops for the same here in Wisconsin when baby quilts are done.

We quilters are blessed to be able to have many good projects to keep us busy!
Laura Jones

I did this ice-dying using my liquid Rit dye.

Nancy Roberts

This is a wall hanging made as part of TextileArtist.Org's online stitching challenge. It has a number of recycled materials in it, including a vintage hanky and lace tablecloth for the background.

The artist who led the challenge is known for her folk art designs, and for "overstitching" her pieces. I was hesitant to give it a try at first, having done a fair amount of handwork on the piece up to that point. But it's learning after all, so I selected a decorative machine stitch and sewed parallel rows over the entire thing. I used braided yarn for an edging and added bead trim along the bottom.

I like the vintage feel, and the overstitching IS the quilting, so it's done.

Gail Benz
Just finished this Interlocking Puzzle Quilt, taught by Genie White at a workshop. The amazing quilting was done by Theresa Morales. Theresa suggested facing the quilt instead of binding to finish. I’m going to enjoy this quilt.
Joyce Dewsbury

Here is a photo of a pillow I made recently. All the sofas and chairs in our living room had pillows, but our new chair did not. So I studied the upholstery on the chair, did a sketch, transferred the image to black fabric, discharged it, painted it, washed it, and hand-quilted it. Then I did the other side and hand-quilted it to echo the floral image of the painted flower.

At right is a potholder I made yesterday. I used fabric scraps and two layers of old toweling inside. I was pleased with the result

Contemporary African American Quilts
Do you have six minutes and 34 seconds free? I bet you do! And I have the perfect, inspirational way for you to use that time.

Click here to view a video from the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, featuring African-American quilter Marion Coleman. The museum exhibition is entitled Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition, Contemporary African American Quilts.

Read more about Marion Coleman in this National Endowments for the Arts article.

Volunteers Needed for Workshops
We remain hopeful that the Senior Center will reopen later this year, if it does, we will need guild members to lead workshops on these dates: Sept. 3, and Oct. 1. Guild members receive the fees paid by attendees ($15/person). Contact me at
Té Haynes
Annual Dues

If you haven't paid for 2020, please mail your check to:
P. O. Box 357012
Gainesville, FL  32635-7012
Marie Davis

Happy August Birthdays

Sherry Scoville
Sallie Roberts
Sara Pedron
Dorothy Bartlett
Ginger Copeland
Julie Anspach
Kathleen Davis
Michelle Benoit
Nina Geiger

Debra James
Peg Owens
Nancy Roberts
Elaine Zahn
Judith Allen
Connie Caldwell
Linda Krause
Katrina Warren
Lula Oliver
Ellen Kostewicz

Band Instrument Bell Covers
Local high schools are looking for volunteers to sew bell covers for their marching bands. The covers fit over the ends of the horns and help ensure the safety of students and teachers in this time of the pandemic.  

For more information, please contact Betty Roode at her email listing in the member director. Or contact Jennifer Boe with the Buchholz High School Band Boosters at .   We will provide you with a complete kit with all supplies needed for each bell cover (fabric, thread, elastic), along with instructions.
Betty Roode
Micanopy Fall Festival Canceled
We received the following letter from the Micanopy Fall Festival Committee:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the decision that the 46th Annual Micanopy Fall Festival will not be held this year. Our decision was not taken lightly and made only after careful consideration of the current realities and the desire of the Festival Committee to preserve the safety and welfare of our vendors, patrons and community during this uncertain time.

We maintain a positive perspective and are looking forward to welcoming you all back to the Fall Festival in 2021 to celebrate Micanopy’s Bicentennial! 

We will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC, state and local officials over the coming year to provide the best possible experience. Further information will be available in Spring 2021.

Thank you to all of our vendors for your patience as we undertook this difficult decision. We hope to see you all next year.
Carla Action
Sallie Roberts Wins Quiz

Not only is Sallie a terrific quilter -- she proved she can read a backwards hot type quote. Sally says that to her the statement means " if you enjoy the time you are wasting, you are not wasting time!"
Quilts By the River Show Set for Oct. 2 and 3
Miss D's Quilts by the River show has been rescheduled to Oct. 2 and 3. We hope to have guild members volunteer to help with the show and our booth.

Mark your calendars. We will have more details coming soon.
Genie White
Please help the guild sell raffles for our annual quilt, pictured below. Since most public events have been canceled this year, we are depending on members to help raise these essential funds.

You can pick tickets up at my house and return them with the money after they are sold, or I can bring them to you. You'll find my phone number and email in the member directory.
If you have already sold tickets, then, you can send/bring me the money with name and phone number and how many tickets for each person. I will fill them out and take a picture of them and send to you before they go in the jar. Our drawing will be in December, as planned.

Thank you for your help.
Barbara Lindsey
If you are part of our Facebook page, be sure to keep checking our page as a way to connect with each other. You will see wonderful pictorial show-and-tell projects and catch up on each other.

If you have not yet joined us, please do! It’s the best way to “meet up” with our guild family. Sign in to your regular Facebook account, then search for  Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild . Click on the JOIN button. Please answer the 3 quick questions. Since this is a private page, only for guild members, we need to confirm your membership. Someone will accept your request (usually within 24 hours). 

Please note that we only accept a direct request because we want to make sure that YOU want to join us. If you think other guild members would enjoy the guild’s Facebook page, please encourage them to sign in to their regular Facebook account, search for  Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild , click on the JOIN button and answer the 3 quick questions. 

You also can click here to go directly to our page.

We have 101 members on our Facebook page, but it would be great to have everyone on board, especially now. It’s another way to stay connected with each other!
Té Haynes
Machine Repair & Cleaning
Theresa Morales will help with machine
mechanical issues and cleaning. $40 regular
price. Current SPECIAL for guild members is  $20 .

Theresa Morales, 513.774.8787.
Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild 2020 Officers
President                  Theresa Morales
1st VP/Programs      Marité Haynes
2nd VP/ Membership Marie Davis
Secretary                 Barbara Denahan
Treasurer                   Genie White
Editor: Beverly Cheuvront
Copy Editor: Carol Wilkerson
Photography: Jennifer Ciccarelli, Penny Erickson and Gloria Parker

Newsletter Deadline:  Articles and photos are due the 15 th of each month. If you would like to submit an item for the newsletter, email Beverly Cheuvront at
PO Box 357012
Gainesville, FL 32635
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