January 2021

We have a nice challenge for you.

"We haven't been together for so long; pick someone you haven't seen or heard from and reach out to them."

Send a card, a text, an email, a phone call. It's very important to our state of mind, our mental health, to have these connections.

Do you accept the MISSION?

Theresa Morales
Madame President
WHERE: At Home on Zoom
WHEN: Online, Thurs., Jan. 7, 9:30 am (Program begins at 10 am)
SPEAKER: Robin Koehler: How Hard Could It Be?
Enjoy a trunk show and learn the story of Robin's quilting journey,
Mehta Family Donates Gift, Thanking Guild Members for PPE
QACDG is grateful for a generous gift from Drs. Sonia and Ajay Mehta, in response to our donation of handmade face masks for Shands/UF medical staff during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their welcome support will help the guild after a challenging year. We are grateful to the Mehta family!
QACDG in the Community
Community Service members are delivering quilts, totes, pillowcases, medical dolls and NICU hearts in our community. Some of the recipients have written us very moving letters of thanks, and we will be sharing those letters over the upcoming months, so that everyone can see the impact QACDG is making in our community. Below is a letter from UF Health Shands Hospital.
Members of the Community Service Bee will be working on grant applications to help fund our work in 2021. Please keep your fingers crossed -- and be sure to let us know of upcoming funding opportunities
Driveway Quilters 
We are so grateful to Gennette Gailey for hosting another driveway event on Dec. 17 so that members could pick up pre-ordered batting, choose fabric and get quilt labels. If you need fabric or batting but cannot meet in person, call or email Gail Benz, Dianna Lawrence, Anna Rasmussen or Carol Wilkerson. We will find a way to get supplies to you!   
Preparing for 2021
In January, Dianna Lawrence is teaming up with Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen and Carol Wilkerson as beekeepers for 2021. Please join us in thanking Gennette for her years of service and in welcoming Dianna. 

Quilters needed! We have several pieced tops that need to be quilted. We will provide the batting and backing. If you can do the quilting, please email Anna, Gail, Dianna or Carol.            

The beekeepers will ask organizations for an estimate by early February of the number and types of items that they are requesting. We will share that information as soon as possible so that everyone can plan accordingly. 

We anticipate a request for 25 small quilts for infants and toddlers (approximately 30 x 40 inches) by June. If you can help work toward this goal, we have lots of children’s fabrics and flannel for you to choose from.              
Carol Wilkerson, Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen & Dianna Lawrence
Genie White

Here are two of my uncompleted projects that I'm excited about. First is the multicolored ombre fabric that I'm converting to a bargello pattern -- this is one yard's worth. Still more to come.

The second is a sampler of felting using the felting kit on my Amara longarm. An interesting method of applique. Still more felting to try out.
Barbara Fay

Christmas table runner.
Dolores Utley

Christmas present for my daughter-in-law. Just need to bind. This is the Night Sky pattern from MSQC. Quilted by Theresa Morales, UnI Quilts.

Below are fabric gift bags, pillows made using fabric from a quilt I made for my sister, a snowman wall hanging and snowman placemats. All are Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Celeste Beck

I made this table runner with my embroidery machine.  
Chris Beriau

These are two quilts that I've made for community service and an embroidered wall hanging.
Gretchen Brooks

Here are some of the things I have been working on:
  • Citrilicious Art Quilt, accepted into the SAQA traveling exhibit Floridian Flavors;
  • An I Spy Quilt for my new inherited granddaughter;
  • A wall hanging also for my granddaughter from the pattern Sea Fairy by Jennifer Hoffman.
Bev Cheuvront

This is a jacket I'm embellishing for a friend who does documentary work in Haiti. The indigo-dyed panel on the back is a veve, or Vodou symbol, for the god Papa Legba. He stands at the crossroads and is the gatekeeper between the mortal and spirit worlds.
Joyce Dewsbury

Here is what has happened to a few of the “stitch meditations” I had done.

Three have been affixed to small canvases, and then I used acrylic paint to add some additional designs, which echo the colors in the fabric piece. Altogether, I had done 20 of these very small, tiny quilts. 

Eventually, I might affix more to small canvases.

About Our Monthly Meetings

Monthly guild meetings are scheduled 9:30 am - noon
9:30 am - 10 am Social Hour. You can see other members, chat with each other and check your volume settings.
10 am - noon General Meeting, including business meeting, program (usually 60 minutes), member show and tell (Members will be muted so there are no distracting background noises)
After the meeting -- Stay and chat some more or ask a question!
These programs will be on Zoom! There are tutorials on Zoom (see past guild emails). 
Contact Te' if you have questions about Zoom. 
You do NOT have to have a Zoom account. You just click on the link we send you for a specific meeting and you are in!
January 7 Program: How Hard Could It Be?, with Robin Koehler
"One GIANT Show and Tell, from start to present. Meet Robin Koehler and hear how she stumbled upon this journey of quilting and design. Trunk show quilts include 1st quilt, some winning quilts, pattern quilts, quilts juried into Paducah and Mancuso Mid-Atlantic shows, and a few art quilts just for fun."
See Robin Koehler's website here.
After the presentation, the speaker will take live questions from the Zoom audience.

February 4 Program: Diary of a DYEHARD, with Cindy Lohbeck
This presentation will be a visual storytelling of Cindy Lohbeck's 40+ year career in textile arts. Click on her website to learn more about Cindy's work.
New Members
Let's welcome two new members:

Debi Bruner
Barbara Fay
Annual Dues
Dues reminder
Please mail your $25 check to:
P. O. Box 357012
Gainesville, FL  32635-7012

Email mariedavismail@yahoo.com with 
any address, phone or other changes to our 2021 Membership Directory.

Marie Davis

Register for COVID-19 Vaccines
The Alachua County Health Department is taking registrations for COVID vaccines for residents 65 and over. You can register online or by phone. Click here to register or for more information.

Vaccines will be crucial in returning to in-person guild meetings.

Members of the Community Service Bee are working on grant applications to help fund our work in 2021. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Please be sure to let the board know about upcoming funding opportunities.

January Birthdays
Barbara Denahan
Dianne Greene
Nancy Bell
Te’ Haynes
Penny Erickson
Marwin Smith
Helen Davis
Amy Koester
Emma Carpenter
Ann Goodman
Sheryl Conner
Dianne Greene

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Welcome, 2021 Board Officers
Our incoming slate of officers was installed during the December meeting. Beginning in 2021, our board will include:

Theresa Morales, President
Judy Kavanagh, 1st Vice President for Programs
Marie Davis, 2nd Vice President for Membership
Barb Lindsey, Secretary
Lucy Jackson, Treasurer.
Monday Morning Sit & Sew

Our recent Zoom Social was so successful that we decided to do this every Monday morning. So….I scheduled one for every Monday morning, until further notice.

Time: 10 AM - 11 AM

USE THE SAME LINK every week!
Join Zoom Meeting

ONLY if link above does not work: Meeting ID: 964 4811 1612, Passcode: 596662
Te' Haynes

Q: What year did you join QACDG?
A: 2003

Q: Why did you join the guild?
A: I love my quilting friends and look forward to visiting with them and exchanging ideas.

Q: How was the guild different when you joined than it is today? 
A: When the guild first started, I knew everyone! Now the new members keep popping up! New people move into town when they retire or come to Gainesville for work. It’s hard to keep up with everyone!

Q: How would you describe the guild or its members to others?
A: All quilters are friendly, generous people and QACDG members are no exception.

Q: Tell us a story in the guild’s past.
A: A need was identified by several Tree City Quilt Guild members to provide a guild that met during the day, especially for people who no longer worked or didn’t want to drive at night. QACDG was organized to fulfill that need! Thank you, founding mothers! How we all miss meeting at the Senior Center! Stay healthy, keep sewing until we meet again in person. Zoom is great but nothing beats in-person meetings.

Q: What should newer members know about the guild or its history?
A: The faster new members volunteer for a job, the quicker they get to know members!

Q: What should other quilters know about quilting today?
A: Quilting has changed so much in the recent past with the advent of modern quilting and the many younger women who are designing fabric and patterns. Also, there are so many new products (threads, rulers, templates, etc.) “to tempt” us! How about all that beautiful handwork – embroidery, quilting, etc.?
Q: What would you like current members to know about the guild?
A: If you have a special interest, there is a group (bee) for you to join so you can meet others with like interests.
Editors Note
This Oral History series was intended to introduce our earliest members and provide some historical background on our organization. We incorrectly labeled the series as oral histories from our "founding members." As Laura Sills noted, "The five women who founded the guild were: Carolyn Conrey, Clare Jones, Marilyn deLisle, Gloria Comstock and Jean Rosell."

If you joined the guild in 2003 and would like to share your perspectives, please answer the questions above and send your responses to us, along with a photo of you and your quilting work.
Machine Repair & Cleaning
Theresa Morales will help with machine
mechanical issues and cleaning. $40 regular
price. The current SPECIAL for guild members is $20.

Theresa Morales, 513.774.8787.
Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild 2020 Officers
President                  Theresa Morales
1st VP/Programs      Judy Kavanagh
2nd VP/Membership Marie Davis
Secretary                 Barb Lindsey
Treasurer                 Lucy Jackson
Editor: Beverly Cheuvront
Copy Editor: Carol Wilkerson
Photography: Jennifer Ciccarelli, Penny Erickson and Gloria Parker

Newsletter Deadline: Articles and photos are due the 15th of each month. If you would like to submit an item for the newsletter, email Beverly Cheuvront at bcheuvront@gmail.com
PO Box 357012
Gainesville, FL 32635
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