Juky 2020
Keep Quilting Until We Can Meet In-Person Again

Well, the hopeful optimism for seeing everyone in July just didn't work out. Still no gatherings, no meetings of the bodies … but we can still have meetings of the minds. Glad FaceBook was started! Continue to send peeks of what you have been doing and I will continue to share.

This, too, shall pass; might take some time, which means now there should be plenty of time to do those creative projects and call them done!

Theresa Morales
Madame President
Once again, as the Senior Center remains closed during July, our guild will not be able to meet in-person. Join us online for our monthly YouTube Meeting. You're also welcome to join us on Facebook and share your stories and photos with members. Just click here and answer the three questions!

WHERE: At Home on YouTube
WHEN: Online, anytime starting Thurs., July 2, and after
 After the Guild Meeting: None

Theresa will create a slide show to present on YouTube, with updates from the guild and Show & Tell. Look for the link in your July 2 email.
Community Service Bee
What is the best size quilt to donate?
While all donated quilts are gladly accepted, to make the most of our resources it helps if one length of a quilt can be sandwiched with 45 inches of batting. The other length of the quilt can be flexible. Longarm quilters who volunteer to finish quilts for us need between three and four inches of allowance on all four sides.          
Driveway Quilters:   
How do Community Service members finish projects if we can’t meet at our regular place and time? We quilt in the driveway! 

The first two weeks of June, the four Beekeepers made about 150 pillowcase kits. We took large pieces of backing out of storage, and we cut batting for guild members to pick up in Gennette’s driveway on June 18, our regular 3rd Thursday meeting day. Now we are all as busy as bees finishing our quilts ahead of the October in-gathering.  
October In-Gathering: 
Each October the Community Service Bee gathers all the quilts and totes that members have made that year. We display each quilt and ask members to decide where each should be donated.  The Beekeepers then deliver the quilts, totes, pillowcases, dolls and hearts to the respective organizations during November and December. 
If you can help make items for donation and need fabric or batting, email one of the Beekeepers (Gail Benz, Gennette Gailey, Anna Rasmussen or Carol Wilkerson), and we’ll find a way to get supplies to you until we can gather safely at our regular place and time. 

Here is our official tally of items made for donation on behalf of QACDG this year:
Quilts :  GOAL: 200    ON HAND:   80                 
Totes  GOAL: 150    ON HAND:   52                 
NICU Heart Sets : GOAL: 150   ON HAND:   62 sets          
Pillowcases GOAL: 300 ON HAND:   89                 
Medical Dolls:   GOAL: 50 ON HAND:   60

Masks Donated:
*Cancer Center:  416
*Grace Marketplace:   66
*Fisher House:  100
*UF Psych Unit:  139
*UF /Shands Project:  2,260
*UF Vet school:   50
*Peaceful Paths: 120
 of Elections:   600
Carol Wilkerson, Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen & Gennette Gailey
We have another virtual Show & Tell this month. All members are intived to share your work via email during our time in coronavirus self-isolation. Here are stories and photos we received over the past month.
Peg Owens

Found the backing fabric, with cute puppies in scarves and ear muffs, called Chilly Dogs. Perfect for our spoiled grand-dogs. Named the quilt, Chilly CHILI Dogs, and sent it to our son in Arizona.

 Celeste Beck

Merri McKenzie and Celeste Beck had some creative fun this month at Goatfeathers Studio. Ice and powdered dye , what a wonderful combination for some sizzling colors. 
Betty Roode

This quilt is for my granddaughter Gretchen for high school graduation. It was fun to make and easier than it looks.

 Ann Goodman

I am not trying to fly away. 66”x90”
Started this quilt the first week of Quarantine. Never finished a quilt so quickly.

Let’s Twirl 54”x70”
This is a UFO that I am determined to finish. Working on completion when not sewing masks!!

A T-Shirt Body Pillow
Made for a friend granddaughter that is a high school graduate.

Laura Jones
I made eight pillow cases for community service

I made four squares for the purple and red project.

And I have finished my Covid Virus quilt!!!
Just needs a name and a label!

Quilt top (from Fons & Porter. Cross Road to Grandma’s House ‘17)
Katrina Warren 

Like many others, three months of staying home has resulted in a pile of finished projects. No pictures of them but last count on masks was 269, with 24 more half finished.

Five tops waiting for batting and backing for community service; totes For community service; pillowcases for community service. All done except for labels for community service

I just love a quilt from all scraps and leftovers. From a kit but love how it turned out. Good news is lots of scraps left over!!!

My good friend Christine just gave me 80 pillowcase kits. I’m keeping a bunch to make for community service (except maybe the one with puppy dogs, I may keep that one!!!) but will share the rest with community service bee. Just keep on keeping on!!!

Joyce Dewsbury

I am continuing my medical series. These are images of my optic nerves. 

I have not done much new work as I have been recovering from surgery (repair of a torn tendon in my left ankle). The surgeon was correct. He said I would have to go to PT to learn to walk again. It has been such fun.

Christine Beriau

These are four community service quilts that I have finished since we shut down. I have four more that I need to quilt. 

I slowed down a bit while I was recuperating from the fractured ankle and foot. But now I am beginning to feel like quilting again.  
Barbara Lindsey

This is a Jacob's Ladder quilt I am making for my cousin's new baby. His name is Jacob.

Working on this quilt-as-you-go. Almost half done with the squares.
Patty Marchionno

Name of this quilt is “Orbit,“ made for a dear friend, with Cherrywood fabric. Gifted this week.


What stories are there to tell? What memories should not be forgotten?

We are starting an Oral History series with our founding members, then moving out from there to hear all the great member stories that have not yet been written down!
Té Haynes
Today We Feature Carolyn Conrey

TH: Why did you join the guild?
CC: There was a need for a day quilt guild.

TH: How was the guild different when you joined than it is today?
CC: There has been growth, and a variety of different interests among members

TH: How would you describe the guild or its members to others?
CC: Like a large flower garden.

TH: Tell us a story in the guild’s past?
CC: Much like a utilitarian scrap quilt, our Guild’s beginnings are linked together with the threads of friendship, a need, and the desire to comfort and share warmth ...

So one fine spring morning, Carolyn Conrey called Clare Jones and asked, “Are you serious about starting a day guild?” Clare’s response, a resounding yes. Clare offered her home as a meeting place (or battleground) for the first feasibility meetings. They made the decision to keep the first meetings small and short.

They decided to invite Gloria Comstock and Jean Rosell to the initial meeting due to their expertise, demonstrations of tireless work, love for the craft of quilting and both of their reputations for the inability to say "No." Clare invited Jean and Gloria to that first meeting on April 13, 2003, but chose not to tell them the purpose of the gathering. Carolyn did let the reason for the meeting “out of the bag” to Gloria, but Jean was led to believe they were to sit & sew… 

The next couple of weeks were spent much like making a quilt: there was the planning stage; next the tedious toil over words and phrases; the ripping and mending of the fabric of the text so it would appear seamless ... Finally, they felt confident to present the body of work, the “guild” product, to quilting buddies for their opinion and approval.

The first guild meeting was held at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Aug. 7, 2003.

TH: What should newer members know about the guild or its history?
CC: We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which protects each member plus offers protection from personal lawsuits. We were formed as both an EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE organization. We could be one or the other but chose both. Also, we keep our charitable endeavors to Alachua County groups.

TH: What should other quilters know about quilting today?
CC: How broad the guild has grown – the bees are a great help.

TH: What would you like current members to know about the guild?
CC: Join a Bee (or two or three), broaden your quilting skills and get to know the other members.
  We remain hopeful that the Senior Center will reopen later this year, if it does, we will need guild members to lead workshops on these dates: Aug. 6, Sept. 3, and Oct. 1. Guild members receive the fees paid by attendees ($15/person). Contact Té Haynes, mhaynes1000@gmail.com .
Welcome New Member
Anna Asche

Annual Dues

If you haven't paid for 2020, please mail your check to::
P. O. Box 357012
Gainesville, FL  32635-7012
Marie Davis

Happy July Birthdays

Ruthie Ballance
Hikmet Bates
Gail Benz
Susan Brooks
Ruth Gedroic
Delia Guyott
Linda Heggy
Ann Huffaker
Judy Kavanagh

Patty Marchionno
Angie Swilley
Samantha Swilley
Cindy Townsend
Prudence Trefethen
Terry Braun
Susan Brooks
Carla Action
Diana Lawrence

Miss D's quilts by the River show has been rescheduled to Oct. 2 and 3. We hope to have guild members volunteer to help with the show and our booth.

Mark your calendars. We will have more details coming soon.
Genie White
Machine Repair & Cleaning
Theresa Morales will help with machine
mechanical issues and cleaning. $40 regular
price. Current SPECIAL for guild members is  $20 .

Theresa Morales, 513.774.8787.
Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild 2020 Officers
President                  Theresa Morales
1st VP/Programs      Marité Haynes
2nd VP/ Membership Marie Davis
Secretary                 Barbara Denahan
Treasurer                   Genie White
Editor: Beverly Cheuvront
Copy Editor: Carol Wilkerson
Photography: Jennifer Ciccarelli, Penny Erickson and Gloria Parker

Newsletter Deadline: Articles and photos are due the 15 th of each month. If you would like to submit an item for the newsletter, email Beverly Cheuvront at bcheuvront@gmail.com.
PO Box 357012
Gainesville, FL 32635
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