May 2020
How to Spend Time at Home: Quilting and Making Masks
Another month has passed while we all got bunches done, right?

I stopped quilting for a couple days to make masks for family up North, since I have the sewing machine, then got right back to whipping those quilts up.

How 'bout you? Is this what retirement feels like?

We'll see everyone soon. Stay well!
Theresa Morales
Madame President
WHERE: At Home on YouTube
WHEN: Online, anytime starting Thurs., May 7 and after
 After the Guild Meeting: None

Theresa will create a slide show to present on YouTube, with updates from the guild, Show & Tell and a discussion on choosing batting. Look for the link in your May 7 email.
We're faced with stay-at-home orders and a month without guild and bee meetings. Theresa decided to fill the void in April with a "virtual" meeting -- guild information and updates shared on YouTube. Here are a few of the comments the guild received:

  • Joyce Dewsbury -- It has helped to have the virtual meeting. It was especially nice for me, as I just had surgery to repair a torn tendon in my ankle. For six weeks I cannot place any weight on my left leg. Yikes. But being at home all the time will not be so bad. Keep well and stay safe.

  • Barbara Lindsey -- Thank you for the virtual meeting. It was a nice diversion!

  • Christine Beriau -- Theresa, thank you for putting this together. It made me feel connected to the group, which is much needed right now.
Newbie Bee
I n May, we’re going to learn about another common block used in a variety of patterns – flying geese. 

As usual, there is more than one way to make this block. Below are some YouTube tutorials that show various methods. Check them out and give it a try. If you can come to the May bee, bring your sewing machine, cutting tools and at least two fabrics. We’ll do the cutting and sewing then.

Click on the three YouTube techniques below:
Genie White & Carla Action

Beyond Beginner Bee
I hope all of you have been getting some sewing done. Great job to all of us that have been sewing masks. That prototype 2 was actually fun to make. We will start doing some online projects as a group this month and can do that until we meet in person again. I miss seeing you all! Let me know if you want added to or taken off the email list.
Carla Action
Community Service Bee
Our Community Service Bee joined forces with the Gainesville Face Mask Crafters for Covid-19 Support Masks Collection Drive as a subgroup or "hub" to create safe and reusuable fabric face masks for the medical staff at UF Health/Shands. Georgetta Graham coordinated a massive effort by guild members. This is her report on the initiative.

Bee members also sewed fabric masks to meet calls for help from Shand's psychiatric department (139), the North Florida Regional Medical Center's Cancer Center (210), Fisher House (59) and the UF College of Veterinary Medicine (35).

Georgetta Graham:
A great many thanks to the QACDG members and other volunteers who helped our QACDG Community Project "hub" sew a total of 2,260 masks !

UF has officially paused production of the medical masks, as they now are well stocked. As of mid-April, I shut down the QACDG Community Service "hub." Final pickup of all materials and completed masks was April 17. 

Dr. Sonia Mehta did the final pickup herself and was thrilled and amazed with what our group was able to do! She hopes to be able to address our guild sometime in the future to fully express her thanks to all of you for your assistance.

We had people marking and cutting masks; we had people cutting and curling the ends of nose wires; and we had others cutting and sewing or serging ties. I also had help for the "fix it" ones. All components came together in my home. With the help of my husband John, we packed and distributed kits containing the materials to sew 10 masks per kit. We logged out, logged in and inspected completed masks. The goal was to have all components ready, so that those sewing could do what they do best -- SEW!

They say it takes a village ... indeed it does take all of us to make a difference on our community!

Our guild members and our friends rose to the challenge to help our medical community -- quite frankly because we need them. They take care of you and me, our families, our friends and our neighbors and HOORAY for all of you who helped take care of them! You make me very proud to be a part of the QACDG!

You should all be very proud of the accomplishment in making these medical masks in such a short period of time -- 2,260 MASKS FROM THE QACDG HUB! 

Thank you, everyone, for your support and talents to once again support our community. Be safe and be well! 
Georgetta Graham
Also under the auspices of the Community Service Bee, guild members sewed fabric masks for numerous additional community organizations, including Fisher House, Shand's Psychiatric's Adolescent Unit, the Gainesville Canceer Center and the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.

Carol Wilkerson:
What an amazing effort by an amazing group! QACDG has sewn cloth face masks for friends, family and neighbors . . . and more requests come to us each week.   

Here's a photo of masks for the Gainesville Cancer Center. You might recognize our NFL fabric, Iron Quilter fabric, pink ribbons for breast cancer and even a few "scrappy quilt" masks. 

As I delivered today's donations to the Cancer Center, I saw a patient wearing one of our masks delivered last week.

Gennette Gailey:
Guild members made 139 masks for the Adolescent Psych Unit at Shands. Dr. Spence originally requested 120. She would drive by and get them out of the the tub outside my door.

Cheryl Watson donated three rolls of elastic so we can make masks. She ordered it back in early March, and it arrived just in time for our next wave of mask requests. 
Cheryl is a member of our Community Service group. 
Since we've all been self-isolating, social-distancing and staying home, we asked members to report on what they've been doing in April and to share photos of their work. In addition to the Community Service Bee's mask-making projects, members have been taking on numerous other mask initiatives -- as well as taking advantage of down time to be creative. Here are the stories and photos,we received.
Iona Malanchuk
I was raised in New York with five brothers and one sister, so I still have a lot of relatives in harm's way of this virus.

I was able to meet their many requests for masks by using only my own stash of cotton fabric to make both adult and children's masks over the last few weeks. To my consternation, some were trying to make masks with rubber bands stapled to a) scraps of tee shirt fabric or b) paper towels, per articles on making masks with items found around the house! I sent many masks to families in New York City, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana and South Florida, not to mention in and around Gainesville.

It is always lovely to be handling beautiful fabric, but this project also provided an extra good feeling knowing so many others were looking forward to getting them. What is better than knowing your hard work will be appreciated and used immediately.

Mary Ann Plance
Fisher House requested 30 face masks. I told Michelle I would ask. This was Wednesday afternoon. At 1 p.m. On Friday, I delivered 59 masks to Fisher House. Michelle’s comment was, “You ladies are awesome.” I totally agree. We step up to the plate, and I want to send out a big thank to the wonderful ladies of this Guild. I am proud to be a member. 

Gretchen Brooks
I have been busy sewing masks for Shands with Georgetta ‘s group.

I have also made two wall hangings. What Lies Beneath represents microscopic pond life and uses lots of fun unusual threads and techniques. Flower Fancy is mounted on stretcher bars and is composed of applique and folded Kanzashi flowers.
Gail Benz
So glad I could help by sewing cloth masks for the Fisher House, UF Psychology and the Cancer Center, as well as providing masks to family and friends. I joined Georgetta Graham's project in making the Halyard masks for UF Health by cutting 379 masks and sewing 30. I've also been picking up groceries for my elderly neighbors. 

Joan New
In Mini Bee, we exchanged two four-inch paper-pieced blocks. I added 47 more blocks to make this top, which will be a lap quilt. It is called A Drone Landed in My Back Yard.

Can you tell which two blocks I didn't make? Which block is the drone?

Lynn Bryan
I made a mask with string, scraps and a dryer sheet. It gave me a chance to think of dear Emily, who always inspires me with her scrappy creations! I sent some telepathic prayers. 

Elizabeth Curry
While staying at home I made a couple fabric art pieces that I'm calling Lend a Hand series. The art is second to making masks of various kinds for organizations, friends and family. I was so glad I had good stash of wire and elastic, as well as fabric.

Linda Cowell
I've been tied up sewing the medical masks for Georgetta. I finished numbers 140 to 160 today!

Patty Marchionno
Have been spending most waking hours making masks for UF/Shands for Georgetta's hub and masks for community, postal workers, vets, family and friends -- non-profit, of course.

I started this stitch meditation at the March Fiber Art Bee workshop, taught by Nancy Roberts. It is called Stitch Meditation: Social Distancing and the Coronavirus. This is what four weeks looks like. Week five is currently in production. 
Julie Anspach
I've been sewing away on masks and giving them to VA employees, store employees, anyone I see when riding my bike. Friends are driving by and I throw a bag in their car window.

Bev Cheuvront
I've been helping to coordinate and raise funds for a nonprofit that is 3D-printing face masks and shields for the Lake City VA Medical Center and other medical facilities. Also making fabric masks for family and friends.

Karen Hagler
Finished the three quilts above and did a number of masks. Staying busy! 
Tish Kilpatrick
I was fortunate to work for Gennette Graham’s hub and made 60 masks from the material the hospital supplied. It felt so good to be able to do something for the community while self-isolating.

Carla Action
I haven't gotten anything done but masks and pillowcases. Today it is back to quilting.

Carol Wilkerson
Like all of you, I've made a zillion face masks for other people, but I made this mask for me.

Namaske. The mask that I sew to protect you respects the mask that you sew to protect me!

Barbara Denahan
Kudos for all our mask makers. I'm still working on masks for the family. I'm trying to make several each so they can wash one and still have one or more to wear.

Gratitude has been pouring in for the thousands of face masks that our members have sewn for so many organizations and individuals. QACDG quilters have literally been saving lives throughout this pandemic.

Please enjoy this musical tribute to your dedication and hard work!
June 4 Guild Meeting:  A Dialogue Between Quilting and Architecture  with Valerie Goodwin of Tallahassee ,

After the Guild Meeting:  Make an abstract map with Valerie Goodwin. Create " an imaginary landscape that expresses a love of the marks, shapes, colors and textures on the land. " Project: 12” x 12” art quilt … using fabric, paint and thread. Sign up, $15. Space limited to 16. 


July 2 Guild Meeting:  Almost 17 Years of Quilting with QACDG, featuring Linda Cowell. 

After the Guild Meeting:   Quilt As You Go: Connecting Quilted Blocks  with Té Haynes. Learn several ways to quilt small pieces, then connect them to create a bigger quilt. Sign up. $15. 


July 30, Fifth Thursday Workshop: Bib Overall Graffiti Art Apron with Carol Gordhamer, Fiber Arts Bee. Sign up. $15. 

 NEEDED: AFTER THE GUILD WORKSHOPS    Aug. 6, Sept. 3, and Oct. 1. Guild members receive the fees paid by attendees ($15/person). Contact Te' Haynes, .

Note: The presenter originally scheduled for May has been rescheduled to January 2021.
Te' Haynes
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Marie Davis
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Theresa Morales will help with machine
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Theresa Morales, 513.774.8787.
The general meeting for theQACDG was not held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Alachua County Senior Center was closed as well until further notice. All Alachua County and Gainesville parks and public spaces are also closed.

  • Gennette has spearheaded efforts by members of the Guild to make masks for members of the community.
  • 2020 Library Quilt Trail -Quilts are in the libraries.
  • Bees are canceled until further notice.
  • General Meeting canceled until further notice.

Upcoming Programs -- 1st VP T é Haynes will delay and reschedule speakers, as appropriate. 

Treasurer's Report, prepared by Genie White 

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Total Checking and Savings as of 4/03/2020 $ 15,394.89

Inflow as of 4/03/2020      $ 3,621.21
Outflow as of 4/03/2020      $ 6,003.35
Overall total as of 4/03/2020 $ -2,382.14

Hospitality -- We wish all the April Birthday members Happy Birthday.
Barbara Denahan
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