October 2020
Come Zoom with Us

Zoom! And I don't necessarily mean what the pets do around the home and between feet: the zoomies.

ZOOM seems to be the word right now: working from home, schooling from home, visiting from home -- all by way of the computer. That elusive bit of technology for many has come in handy. Thank goodness that learning curve was already there.

Now to learn the Zoom app so we can get back some semblance of a general meeting. We would love to see you there!

Theresa Morales
Madame President

Editor's note: Want to see how dogs Zoom? Click here.
Join all your guild friends on Zoom on Oct. 1, where you will be able to see each other, chat, hear our regular presentations and show our latest work -- all safely presented on the Zoom online meeting platform!

This month, the guild will welcome quilter Rhonda Dort, who will discuss Quilting with Vintage Linens.

WHERE: At Home on Zoom
WHEN: Online, Thurs., Oct. 1, 9:30 am (Program begins at 10 am)
SPEAKER: Rhonda Dort Quilting with Vintage Linens, a 50-minute narrated PowerPoint.
Embroidery Bee Via Zoom
Fall is here. This is such a fun time of the year to embroider for the holidays. So dust off those embroidery machines and get stitching.

We had another successful Zoom meeting in September. Our next scheduled Zoom meeting will be Oct. 9.

Janet Verville
Community Service Bee

Driveway Quilters
On Sept. 17, Gennette once again hosted the Community Service Bee in her driveway. More than 20 quilters picked up fabric and batting and dropped off quilts, totes, pillowcases and flannel hearts. In addition, Barbara sold tickets for this year’s raffle quilt. Many thanks to Gennette’s husband for putting up a tent so that we were dry during the rainstorms, and to Gail, Gennette and Anna for hauling all the fabric to and from storage.   
Mark Your Calendars: Oct. 15
One of the most uplifting QACDG events is the annual October ingathering, and we need YOUR help. The beekeepers will display each quilt donated this year and ask members to choose the organization to receive each quilt.

This year, we will meet in the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church at 4000 NW 53rd Ave., Gainesville, 32653. Unloading and set up begins at 8 am, and sorting will begin at 9 am. We request that everyone wear a face mask and take along a folding chair and water bottle. If you have an extra folding table, please bring it to help with sorting    

2020 -- A Year of New Skills  
Thank you, everyone, for your efforts during this extraordinary year. In addition to making quilts, totes, pillowcases, flannel hearts and medical dolls, we mastered mask-making. We then used those masks to safely continue our community service in garages and driveways, and we perfected porch pick-ups and parking lot drop-offs. We also practiced orienteering as we drove all over Alachua County to make those pick-ups and drop-offs.
And the journey continues! If you can help sew for 2021 but need fabric or batting, email one of the Community Service Beekeepers (Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen, or Carol Wilkerson), and we will get supplies to you!  

Here are our goals
Quilts: We met our goal of 200 quilts                                    
Totes:  We need 20 more totes by Oct. 15                                                 
Heart Sets: We met our goal of 100 sets                                                
Pillowcases: We met our goal of 300 pillowcases          
Medical Dolls:  We met our goal of 50 dolls and gowns

Cloth face masks donated by QACDG
*Cancer Center @ NFR:      DONATED:  416
*Family Promise:                      DONATED:    58
*Fisher House:                          DONATED:  100
*Grace Marketplace:               DONATED:    66
*Madres Sin Fronteras:           DONATED:    41
 (Mothers w/o Borders)
*Peaceful Paths:                      DONATED:  221
*Supervisor                             DONATED:  600
 of Elections:
*UF Adolescent                        DONATED:  139
 Psychiatric Unit:  
*UF Vet school:                        DONATED:    50

Tally to date:                              1,691        

If you'd like to make totes to help us meet our goal, click here to find directions on our website.

Carol Wilkerson, Gail Benz, Anna Rasmussen & Gennette Gailey

Here are some more photos from the Sept. 17 Community Service driveway event.
Gennette Gailey
We have another virtual Show & Tell this month. All members are intived to share your work via email during our time in coronavirus self-isolation. Here are stories and photos we received over the past month.
Delores Utley

Happy to be making a dent in my UFOs this summer. Quarantine is good for something!
Three quilt kits I pulled out of my stash. Two Kite Flight kits and Dr. Suess kit for my grandson.

Judy Kavanagh

Machine embroidered with free-motion quilting.

Georgetta Graham

This month I finished and turned in 17 quilts and 279 flannel hearts to Community Service! I’ll give my sewing machine a little rest and then work on on some personal projects for a bit!

It was fun to see and visit with some of our members at the Community Service day in Gennette’s driveway. Many thanks to our ladies on the Community Service team!! 

Your organizing and planning skills provided me with most of the fabric and all the batting used in these quilts ... we couldn’t do our part without you! You are truly amazing ladies and gents ... thank you!!!

Happy Sewing!

Michelle Benoit

Here is a queen-size quilt I made for my daughter.
Linda Heggy

This is a Colorwash Irish Chain quilt finished in July, and quilted by Pam McIntyre in an Irish theme.

Barbara Lindsey

I picked up stuff at the community service garage gathering to make this tote bag, and I learned how to make microwave bowls this month.
October: Rhonda Dort, Quilting with Vintage Linens

November: Nancy Roberts, Stitched Leaf Bowls
Our upcoming programs will be on Zoom! As many of you know, we have had three informal Zoom meetings to get you connected to the guild and to practice your Zoom skills. There are also tutorials on Zoom (see past emails from the guild). Contact me if you have questions about Zoom. You do NOT have to have a Zoom account. You just click on the link we send you for a specific meeting and you are in!

Meetings are scheduled 9:30 - 12 pm

  • 9:30 am - 10 pm: Social Hour. You can see other members, chat with each other and check your volume settings.
  • 10 am - 12 pm: Business meeting, program (usually 60 minutes), member Show & Tell (Members will be muted so there are no distracting background noises)

After the meeting -- Stay and chat some more or ask a question!


Oct. 1, Quilting with Vintage Linens, with Rhonda Dort
Rhonda Dort, Houston, created this 50-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation as a gift to quilters and guilds! She does very detailed work with thread, buttons, ribbons, pictures, etc. Her website is here.

Marité Haynes is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: QACDG - Oct. 1 Meeting
Time: 9:30 am Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Click on the Link Below to Join Zoom Meeting:

(ONLY if link above doesn’t work, try Meeting ID: 974 2631 2060 and Passcode: 191227)


Nov. 5, Stitched Leaf Bowls, with guild member Nancy Roberts
These bowls are made with free-motion stitching and make nice gifts. The bowls are dimensional so they can be used as a candy dish, trinket tray, etc. A handout with materials and instructions for making the bowls will be made available to members. After the presentation, Nancy will take live questions from Zoom audience.


Dec. 3, Challenge Yourself, with Mel Beach
Quilter Mel Beach writes, "Discover the world of Quilt Challenges and the many opportunities awaiting you (and your quilts!) Join me as I recount my adventures (including a few misadventures) while participating in Quilt Challenges at both the local and national/international levels. I hope to inspire you by sharing my own quilts and their stories, along with tips/tricks that I hope will inspire and encourage you to enter your own quilts, regardless of style or level of experience/skill."  

Her website is here.

After the presentation, the speaker will take live questions from our Zoom audience.

Contact me at mhaynes1000@gmail.com if you need help setting up Zoom.
Té Haynes
Annual Dues Are Due

Our annual membership dues are due -- still only $25 for the year!

Please mail your check to:
P. O. Box 357012
Gainesville, FL  32635-7012

Marie Davis

Happy October

Gennette Gailey
William Oberia
Marian Marks
Patricia McNally
Lynn Bryan
Judy Zahalika

Carol Bishop
Linda Butson
Marion Bishop
Judy Collins
Carol Silver
Rose Tooley

Please help the guild sell raffles for our annual quilt, pictured below. Since most public events have been canceled this year, we are depending on members to help raise these essential funds.

I know this quilt was made and selected over a year ago, but it is developing into more of a story. When you look at the individual bears, many of them represent first responders and essential workers. It actually turns out to be a tribute quilt for this year -- and very fitting for 2020.

If people would like to have tickets to sell, I can arrange with them to mail or drop off tickets, or they can be picked up at my house. Also, some people are just sending me a check for the number of tickets they want, and I fill them out, and take a picture of the tickets to send to them before putting the tickets in the jar.

Thank you for your help.
Barbara Lindsey
The Senior Center is closed and the in-person general meeting for the QACDG was not held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The general meeting was held as a zoom presentation.

In-person General Meeting and Bees are canceled until further notice. Depending on response to today’s Zoom meeting, future General Meetings via Zoom will be considered.

Treasurer's report prepared by Genie White 
Checking Balance as of 9/02/2020          $6,950.41
Savings Account Balance as of 9/02/2020     $7,503.08
Total Checking and Savings as of 9/02/2020 $14,503.49
Inflow as of 9/02/2020      $ 3,873.47
Outflow as of 9/02/2020     $ 7,197.01
Overall total as of 9/02/2020  $ -3,323.54

We wish all the September Birthday members Happy Birthday.

Global Quilt Connections World Wide event Sept. 30, 2020
San Francisco Craft Week and New York’s Textile Month coming up soon. Quilt by the River Oct. 2 and 3, 2020, contact Miss D for volunteer opportunities.

Community Service will be sorting quilts in the Trinity Church parking lot the third Thursday of the month. Mask and distancing are required.

The Shands adolescent psych unit has requested 20 additional tote bags. The tote pattern is here on our website. Drop off items for community service with Gennette.

Dues are due in October. Mail to QACDG, P.O. Box 357012, Gainesville, FL 32635-7012. Dues are $25 make checks payable to QACDG.

September Program: Zoom presenter was Diane Harris -- Windy Wonder: A Quilt Block Grown Up

This was an excellent program describing the many creative ways a simple block pattern consisting of two fabrics with contrast can grow and change with size, color and texture variations.

A link for members was made available, so anyone who missed the presentation can view the program at their convenience. The presentation’s quilt pattern is also available.

Diane designs using EQ8. She is a representative for EQ8 and has offered a 20% discount. Discount code EQ8 stashbandit.

Diane recommends the following five practices to develop creativity:
  • Feed it
  • Observe everything
  • Take photos
  • Jot down every inkling of an idea
  • Cross-train your brain

Diane's website is Stashbandit.net.

Barbara Denehan
Machine Repair & Cleaning
Theresa Morales will help with machine
mechanical issues and cleaning. $40 regular
price. Current SPECIAL for guild members is $20.

Theresa Morales, 513.774.8787.
Quilters of Alachua County Day Guild 2020 Officers
President                  Theresa Morales
1st VP/Programs      Marité Haynes
2nd VP/Membership Marie Davis
Secretary                 Barbara Denahan
Treasurer                   Genie White
Editor: Beverly Cheuvront
Copy Editor: Carol Wilkerson
Photography: Jennifer Ciccarelli, Penny Erickson and Gloria Parker

Newsletter Deadline: Articles and photos are due the 15th of each month. If you would like to submit an item for the newsletter, email Beverly Cheuvront at bcheuvront@gmail.com
PO Box 357012
Gainesville, FL 32635
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