Mouthy Buddha has made probably the best video about the QAnon phenomenon I've seen yet.

He makes no claims about who's behind Q but he points to the very interesting early coincidences, which lent it credence, as well as to the cognitive phenomena upon which it capitalizes, namely confirmation bias, consilience and the Baader-Meinhof effect, all of which are well explained, with his usual editorial flourish.

He makes an important point about a certain feel-good message within the QAnon community, that "The blame for humanity’s religious and racial tribalism lies primarily on the shoulders of the elites, who have 'engineered us' into hate, and disconnection,' which he rightly says is a disavowal of "The most complicated parts of human nature. And has elements of a kind of boomer hope porn. It’s false, and it wrongly aims the arrow of responsibility, and change, away from us."

Running Time: 12 min

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