September 15,  2016
New Member Spotlight! 
  Please help us welcome, Dr. Crystal Porter. She is a hair scientist and owner of Mane Insights, a company that conducts research to further understand the specific needs of curly hair. As a recognized contributor in the world of hair science, she also provides knowledge about hair to individuals, professionals and industry leaders. She is passionate about debunking myths and empowering others to properly care for their hair. Dr. Porter spent the majority of her 16-year career at L'OrĂ©al, USA where she managed the Physics Laboratory and Consumer Insights teams to study the biophysical characteristics of hair and pigmented skin within different ethnic groups around the world and to understand behaviors that are related to consumer's experiences.  

Connect with Dr. Crystal on Facebook and Periscope @ManeInsights.

On behalf our our Chairwoman, Executive Director and the entire Board of Directors, Welcome to the Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to the "Branding You From The Inside Out" Seminar which was held on Tuesday September 13, 2016. 

A special thank you to the speakers of the seminar,  Dr. Crystal Porter of Mane Insights and  Anissa Lampley  of Spectrum Paradigm Consulting and Services. A lot of information was shared on how to brand yourself and your business to be successful. 

Please join us at our Community Resource Fair & Blood Drive! 
Sponsored by QCAACC in Partnership with: Be the Match, Heartland Blood Centers, St. John AME and other community resources. 

When: September 24, 2016 
Where: 2950 Bilter Rd.  Aurora, IL 
Time: 10AM - 1PM
(walk-ins are welcome)  

Those in your  community could use your help!
As an African American, your blood is special because the best blood for those living with Sickle Cell Disease comes from African American donors. You can donate whole blood every 56 days. Please consider
becoming a regular donor by giving multiple times throughout the year. 

The Four Steps of Blood Donation! 

Giving blood is safe, simple and takes only one hour from
start to finish.

We ask you for information about yourself: name, address, phone number, and give you some important  literature on blood donation to read. You must present a photo I.D. and proof of age at this time.

Screening & Mini-Physical
Next, we conduct a confidential interview in which we will ask you questions about your medical history to determine your eligibility to donate blood. Our staff will give you a mini-physical during which we check your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and iron level. After the mini-physical, you are ready to donate!

Every donation is collected with a new, sterile kit. Giving blood is safe. You cannot get AIDS or any other disease by donating blood. While you relax in a comfortable donor chair, we cleanse your arm with antiseptic,
and then draw about one pint of blood. It takes about five to eight minutes to donate whole blood, longer for automated donations such as platelets or double red cells.

After you give, we ask you to enjoy some juice and cookies in our refreshment area. Your body will replenish the fluids lost during your donation in approximately 12 to 24 hours. Normally, eight weeks are necessary for total red cell replacement. Your donation will be taken back to our laboratory for testing and processing. The entire process takes about an hour. 
We want to hear from you! 
The Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce is always looking for ways we can improve. We would love to hear from YOU! Please take a moment to complete a brief survey. We appreciate all of your feedback. 
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From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Shauna L. Weatherspoon...
Excuses Never Save a Life, Blood Donation Does!!!

So...Save someone's life
Blood donation is a lifesaver. Because there is no artificial substitute for human blood, someone needs donated human blood every 2 seconds in the United States, and even one donation can help save the lives of
up to three people. Donating blood is a safe process. A sterile needle is used only once for each donor and is then discarded. All donated blood is tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and other infectious diseases
before it can be released to hospitals.

Remove excess iron
Iron is essential for a body's healthy function. Iron transports oxygen throughout our bodies, and is integral to many other cell functions. While excess iron in the blood - also called hemochromatosis - is uncommon, too much iron can harm the body. When excess iron is deposited in the liver, heart, and pancreas, it can complicate cirrhosis, heart disease, and diabetes. Excess iron has also been linked to high blood pressure. Typically, these issues are seen more in men who don't donate blood, as opposed to women who menstruate, and thus lose blood every month.

Get a health screening
Do you know your resting heartbeat, blood pressure, and hemoglobin levels at this very moment? Well, when you visit your local donation center, you will. Before every blood donation, a phlebotomist will check these important health statistics. Getting these checked every two months is a great way to track your health and see how diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and other factors can be translated into concrete numbers!

And if that's not enough...

Give a FREE Gift of Life!
Donating blood costs you nothing, except a little time. But  the benefits for your health and your community are priceless.  If you're eligible to give blood, we would love to see you September 24, 2016 at St. John AME Church located at 2950 Bilter Rd. Aurora, IL.
SAVE THE DATE - Upcoming Events

Please note: Some events require registration. Use the link under each event. 
Join us at our Community Resource Fair sponsored by QCAACC in partnership with St. John AME Church, Heartland Blood Centers, Be The Match and other community resources. 
 Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Saving lives from breast cancer starts  one team, one walker, and one dollar at a time. We know that the American Cancer Society is the leader in the fight to end breast cancer. We know that supporting them will ensure that if you need someone to talk to anytime of the day or night, they'll be there. If your friend is losing her hair from chemo, your mother needs a ride to treatment, or a loved one needs a place to stay when treatment is far from home, they will be there to help.Join us and together we will walk for a world without breast cancer.If you are unable to join our team, your  donation will directly help the American Cancer Society create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays.

QCAACC - Women of Influence's goal is to raise $1,000 for our team donation. We thank you in advance for your support!
Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce

The Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce will provide leadership to enhance, promote, and empower positive business environments, and quality of businesses owned by African-Americans within the counties of Kane, Kendall, DuPage and Will.  The organization will provide business assistance in the development of solutions to local business problems presented by members.  Moreover, the organization will articulate positions, and, when appropriate, implement solutions to business/community problems.

Mission Statement:
The Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce provides leadership to enhance the business environment, and quality of life of businesses owned by African Americans.