March 2018

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QCH Participants Run the Show

On February 21, over 250 attendees packed into our Rego Park Senior Center to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  The event kicked off with a choir-sung national anthem and continued with a variety of traditional Chinese dances. Performers donned colorful attire and props like fans and flags. Cultural pride was evident throughout the show, which Irina Sarkisova says is her top priority as QCH's Director of Senior Services.

"We want all of our participants to know that this center is their center," says Sarkisova. She regularly enlists the participants when planning large-scale community events. "We pass on the baton to our participants because, as community leaders themselves, they are able to inspire their own communities to connect with QCH." For this most recent celebration, participants recruited friends, family and neighbors to organize the performances, emcee the show, and prepare a traditional Chinese lunch for attendees.
A Dinner from the Heart
On February 13, participants and staff from our afterschool programs at P.S. 117 and M.S. 217 in Briarwood joined together to offer a "Dinner from the Heart" to families residing in a nearby homeless shelter.  People gathered at family-style tables to share in a meal prepared and served by QCH participants and their families.  

The shelter serves families from both schools, which hit home for many of our participants. A young girl reflected on her experience, "I think its nice that we do this because students from our school live in the shelter, and I want them to know we care about them."
Look out for Ava!
Ava Jaross, a participant of our Generation program, was recently chosen to  be one of the faces of the  NYC Unity Project the City's first-ever, multi-agency strategy to provide  enhanced 
programs and support to ensure that "every LGBTQ young person in NYC is safe, supported, and healthy."
Ava will be seen throughout the citywide ad campaign, which will include spots on billboards, buses and subway.