QFD Institute Newsletter
2021 QFD Black Belt® Virtual Training

August 2021
The QFD Black Belt® is designed for practitioners, facilitators, and trainers to give them the skills necessary to lead teams through product / service development, software design, as well as business transformation of the internal organization.

We are pleased to announce the 2021 QFD Black Belt® Course, a live virtual training using the Zoom platform. 

It consists of 10 weekly 4-hour sessions, starting from Monday September 13 @ 09:00-13:00 US Eastern Time (New York Time) and continuing every Monday through November 22, except for September 27, 2021.

The modular delivery format makes it less disruptive to students’ work schedule and allows more time to absorb the intense knowledge.

The curriculum encompasses the breadth and depth of modern Comprehensive QFD per compliance with ISO 16355, and relevant advanced quality and design methods. Most of all, you will be taught how to adapt QFD to unique requirements of the company and project, including:

  • Analysis of the Voice of the Business which includes strategic product portfolio planning, competitive analysis, technology opportunities, and project deliverables. This also includes Hoshin Kanri (Policy Management), New Lanchester Strategy, Technology/Concept Innovation, Strategic QFD, QFD Project Selection using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), and Defining Project Success Criteria.

  • Identifying critical-to-project customers and methods to acquire customer needs.

  • Analysis of quantitative voice of customer and stakeholder with several statistical methods.

  • How to adapt QFD downstream deployments for manufactured products, processed products, service products, software and information products, and internal business processes.

  • Additional instructions for emotional quality, technical innovation and Super-Pugh concept selection, function analysis and value engineering, target costing, and reliability and security are covered. These deploy from system level to components to build to support/service design.

  • Integrating and customizing QFD methods and tools for your organization.

Prerequisites: QFD Black Belt® Course has these prerequisites.

  • You a Full Status QFD Green Belt®; or

If you wish to attend the 2021 QFD Black Belt® but do not meet these prerequisites, please contact us as soon as possible.

We look forward to having you in this advanced virtual course in September.