October 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

QM Box is a revolutionary new concept for providing affordable, healthy, international gourmet meals to everyone.

These days, it can be hard to balance schedules while still having time left over for shopping and cooking nutritious meals. Convenience and speed are frequently prioritized over freshness and health. In other words, the need for Quality Meals is often set aside for Quick Meals.

QM Box delivers both with dedication to healthy eating and lightning-fast vending machine design. The machine prepares, fresh, hearty meals — all created by trained international and local chefs — and specific types of meals are rotated every week for variety. 

QM Box machines are run on smart technology that can detect and monitor temperature, freshness, and availability. The process of selecting and purchasing meals is via consumer touchscreen interface. According to the company, the meal is delivered within two minutes. 

Three Square Market's self-checkout kiosks can work in any size of breakroom office space for specialty micro markets; small, medium or large.

The payment systems enable operators to choose the most convenient checkout options so consumers can purchase items as quickly as possible.  In today’s covid environment, the payment systems also make it possible for consumers to have as little contact with others in the micro market as possible. 

Choosing the right technology for micro market payments is a major decision for vending operators.  Three Square Market, which creates and supplies micro markets, has a broad range of payment devices, including the Junior Plastic Kiosk, Express Lite, and Cooler Café, which will fit into most vending planograms.

2020 has been a big year for vending because we’ve seen more vending machines embrace contactless solutions due to the Pandemic, and offer a wide array of new products, the big question though is what’s the next big growth area for vending?

5G is the next big growth sector for vending because when a vending machine can be connected to a 5G network, the machine can alert its operators when it needs to be restocked while also informing the operator of technical errors, safety issues, and more.

What’s even better about having a 5G connected vending machine is that these ‘smart’ vending machines can also have personalized experiences with customers, ultimately increasing sales and earning more ROI for their owners.  

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has adapted one of its on-the-go touchless vending machines to help operators dispense personal protection equipment in a safe, convenient way. The machine has custom PPE graphics and prominent “PPE Safety Solutions" markings to draw the consumer’s eye.

This year’s worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has changed vending in many ways, especially since the industry has been termed essential. More consumers than ever are using vending machines, especially to purchase PPE products like facemasks, latex gloves and hand sanitizers. As a result, operators are looking at modifying their space and product offerings by installing PPE machines in high traffic areas.

A free panel discussion webinar about what vending operators can expect to come up in cashless payment usage is being hosted by Nayax on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. 
Panelists are Jeff Beach, vice president, merchant sales and solutions, VISA, and Carly Furman, CEO of Nayax LLC. Among the topics which will be discussed are where the demand for contactless is coming from, how unattended vertical markets are contributing to the demand, why contactless payments are important to consumers and what operators should know about cashless transactions and the changes they can expect.

Dallas TX, September 22nd, 2020 – SandenVendo America, a leader in vending machine manufacturing, has announced their V21 machine models now support dual cashless payment capabilities. The ability for SandenVendo machines to support two cashless devices means that operators can promote health and wellness as consumers continue to opt for #TrulyTouchless selection and payment methods at an increasing rate across all unattended retail sale points.

The new Avanti Help Center fast tracks tech support and improves training while their new website better supports end market locations and evolves the tech company brand. Renton, WA- September 28, 2020: Industry leader Avanti Markets has launched a new online help center for operators, the Avanti Help Center, and strengthened their digital presence with a new company website.

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