Hot Food, Gourmet Meal Vending Machine
Tired of losing money over accounts that request food options? Stuck SPINNING the Wheel of Death and wishing you could ditch those loss-leader machines? 
Introducing the newest option for food vending: QMBox. Our Italian-made, hot food vending machines dispense piping-hot, healthy, delicious meals in 1-4 minutes.

  • International Gourmet Meals
  • Quick Hot Healthy Food
  • Smart Automated Technology
With QMBox, everyone wins: your vending company, the location owner, and the consumer. You'll be making more money, the location owner will be enjoying more traffic, and the consumer will be satisfied and excited by the variety and heartiness of our meal options.
In a compact 5’x3’ footprint, these machines have a freezer compartment to store up to 88 frozen meals, which extends shelf life and ROI. Customer interface is simple with our touchscreen and card/tap-to-pay options. Our machines are connected by cloud for real-time sales and reporting.
Call us today at (770) 368-0633 or email to start earning more profit immediately by adding our top-of-the-line machines to your inventory and route.
We are interested in long-term partners as well as outright buyers, so don't hesitate to contact us right away.

We look forward to doing business with you!
David Lee
Owner / CEO