QSSI Quarterly
Summer 2017
Volume 16, Issue 3
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Our New Website is Here!
We're excited to announce our newly designed website. You will find our entire lighting lineup with downloadable specification sheets, photometrics, and information about our company and services. Please visit us today at www.qssi.com.
QSSI Website
Turtle Friendly Amber LED Lighting

AmberLED Bollard Our new AmberLED Series of specialized amber LED lighting was created for turtle friendly wildlife and security applications. The amber light will not attract turtle hatchlings, instead they are drawn back to the water by the moonlight's reflection. We offer a variety of luminaires for low-level, glare-controlled amber output with optional house side/glare shield for directional control.

Visit our website to see the complete line of AmberLED fixtures available now!
Linear Die Cast

Our Linear LV Series offers high lumen output and multiple sizes; LV1A 12", LV2A 24", and LV4A 48". These fixtures can be used as wall packs, flood lighting, or canopy and garage lighting and are best suited for food service & wet location lighting applications. The Linear LV Series is IP66, wet location hose down rated, with pending NSF certification.

Currently available through our US warehouses is the LV1A 12" Linear Die Cast. The LV2A 24" Linear Die Cast will be available through our US warehouses this month and the LV4A is expected to be available in August. Visit our website for complete details on any of the fixtures in this series.

Linear Die Cast Series
Understanding the Complexities of Specifying LED Fixtures

Specifying LED Luminaires today is a process that matches the disruptive nature of LED Technology in its complexity and increased level of knowledge. The days of HID "Bulb in a Box" products that were relatively easy to compare are gone. The Specifier needs to have a deeper understanding of the electrical and physical attributes of LEDs in order to provide the professional level of service that is commensurate with their project responsibilities.
Topics Covered:
  • Effects of heat on LED Performance - How TM-21 is calculated
  • Key LED Fixture specification features needed to create long life and improved lumen depreciation
  • Light Loss Factor (LLF) - How to use L70 ratings for comparative calculated lighting levels for LED fixtures
There are several indicators found in LED Luminaire specifications and observable physical fixture attributes that can be used to ascertain a reasonable light output performance and life rating, that will be explained in our presentation  available for review here. The performance characteristics of LEDs and the effect of heat management, fixture construction, driver attributes, and environmental sealing will be discussed. Current methodologies for determining performance using the Energy Star TM-21 Calculator will be explored in detail and linked to the LED Luminaire specifications. The goal is to provide the Specifier with an understandable set of guidelines to select quality LED Luminaires that match project design criteria.
Highbay Line Expansion

We're expanding our highbay lighting line to meet all segments of the market. The newest members of our highbay family include the following:
HB30C3 Low Profile Highbay
Multiple optic configurations including some with uplight.
Available now
HBCL3 HBLC3 Linear C³ Highbay
Optional emergency battery backup.
Available this Fall
HB55Q HB55Q PowerBolt Highbay
High ceiling, high wattage applications.
Available later this Summer
HB44C3 Bentley 16" C³ Highbay
120-200 watts with multiple optics.
Available now

HB45C3 Bentley 22" C³ Highbay

300 watts with multiple optics.
Available later this Summer
Continued Automation

In our continuing effort to improve manufacturing efficiency in our China factories, we've added automated die-cast finishing to prepare the raw castings for chromate conversion and painting. Automating processes reduces manufacturing time and ensures they are performed uniformly and precisely every time.
Astor & Gooseneck Sneak Peek!

Available later this year will be our new Astor and Gooseneck Decorative Lighting lines. If you visited our booth at Lightfair this Spring, you've already seen a sneak peek of these fixtures. Keep an eye on your inbox for release dates and more information!
Tradeshow Review
QSSI was proud to attend and exhibit at Lightfair 2017, in Philadelphia this year.
Lightfair 2017
Upcoming Events
QSSI will be attending the following shows and conferences later this year:

IES Annual Convention, Portland, OR, August 10-12
ICSC Deal Making, Orlando, FL, August 27-29
IES Street & Area Lighting Conference, Austin, TX, September 10-13
2017 NALMCO Convention, San Diego, CA, October 8-11

We look forward to seeing you there!
Visit us online at: