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June 2021 | Summer Issue
NEW No Stock & Flow Program
At QSSI we have what you need, when you need it, without compromise! No limited selection here, we can fulfill lighting for any size project at any location. Forget long lead times, our fixture components are in stock and ready to build. We control all production of our fixtures, from raw materials to finished goods so you get exactly what you need.
For more details, visit our website or view the video on our YouTube channel.
Pathway Bollards
Our Low Profile Pathway Bollards coordinate with our standard height bollards for a uniform look. We offer a variety of shapes and styles to pick from. We have something for everyone, find yours here!
Coming Soon...
Here's a sneak peek of several new products we'll be launching soon!
In Stock August 2021
Light Columns
We've added 12-foot Light Columns to our product offering. There are several varieties to choose from and all provide contemporary pedestrian lighting. These are perfect for your next business center, university, and plaza project.
Visit our website to see what we have to offer you.
Light Columns
New Products
We recently announced the release of these new product offerings:
The new B12Q Triangular Delta Bollard provides lighting for pedestrian and parking areas in a sleek new form.
This new WPC30Q Wall Mount Cutoff luminaire features a sleek contemporary styled design and offers clear or SoftLED lenses.
The Kitty Hawk Amber family now includes our KH45 Large and KH55 PowerBolt models!
Microwave Sensors
You know that QSSI offers microwave sensors on many of its products, but do you know why they function better than infrared sensors in many situations?

If not, take a look at our Benefits of Microwave Technology Sensors fact sheet for the answer!