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January 2023 Issue

Supply Chain Challenges?

We can help. At QSSI UK we have what you need, when you need it, without compromise! No limited selection here, we can provide lighting for any size project at any location. Forget long lead times, our fixture components are in stock and ready to build to your specifications. We control all production of our fixtures, from raw materials to finished goods so you get exactly what you need. What can we build for you today?

We Can Ship

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We Have the Resources You Need

In addition to our specification sheets, we have a library of marketing pieces available for your use. Browse through our Resources page for brochures, flyers, and videos. Looking for something else? Let us know!

LED Linear Die Cast Series

Our LV Series is meant for use in harsh and hazardous environments and is available in three sizes: 309mm LV1A, 614mm LV2A, and 1247mm LV4A. We offer the 309mm model as an open frame or with vertical or horizontal frames.

These three linear luminaires can be used as wall or ceiling mount depending on your needs. For complete details, visit our website here: LED Harsh Environment


Learn more about the advantages of partnering with QSSI through our brochure:

QSSI UK & Europe Advantage

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