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January 2022 Issue
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We have what you need! As part of our "Never Run Out" philosophy, we have invested heavily in our inventory to meet today's high demand for quality lighting. QSSI UK has extensive materials on hand and can manufacture your order for quick shipping.
There are no minimum order requirements. Let us custom build your order today!
Our Promise to You
While uncertainty in our industry and economy continued in 2021, QSSI UK is looking forward with a long-term view. Our increased inventory and ability to provide custom manufactured fixtures quickly is just the beginning. QSSI UK is focused on improving and enhancing our Value Proposition as a true solutions provider. We aren't going anywhere!
Bentley Lighting on the Jobsite
Recently, Park Lane Fencing purchased our Bentley flood lights from Flick Energy Solutions. It was important to Park Lane Fencing that the lighting products are made in Britain as their previous flood lighting didn't achieve the lighting levels needed. With 5am start times, it's crucial that their staff can see clearly to avoid costly injuries or mistakes. Opening when it's still dark out is no longer an issue for Park Lane Fencing with our Bentley LED flood lights!
Park Lane Fencing
New Fixtures Introduced in 2021!
New Bollard