QSSI UK Quarterly
November 2020 Issue
Serving Greater Europe with a stocking warehouse and assembly facility in the United Kingdom!
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Inventory and New Products
QSSI started increasing inventory in 2019 by 40% anticipating the impacts of tariffs and Chinese New Year on the supply chain, and added another 10% as COVID-19 began for a total 50% on average. This has allowed us to increase our fulfillment rate to a new high of 99.3% YTD with an average turn of 3 days, giving our customers the ability to still offer quick delivery times to their customers.
Hazards of Low-Cost Lighting
You get what you pay for. It sounds cliché but it's true. Yes, you can find similar lighting fixtures to ours for a lower up front cost than we offer, but are they really cheaper? In the long run, the short answer is no. When something goes wrong there are no replacement parts, warranties, or even customer service to be found. With QSSI you have the security of knowing we have those things available to you if something goes wrong with your fixtures. We provide quality technology that lasts! 
In Case You Missed This...
Sell Sheet 

Earlier this month, we announced our wall mounted architectural accent light. In case you missed it, get the complete details by downloading the Sell Sheet by clicking on the image:
New Product: B9EQ Curve Bollard
New Bollardnew contemporary B9EQ Curve Bollard is coming soon. The specially designed optics offer full-cutoff light distribution. Get the full details on this new bollard here.

QSSI has developed 11 new products this year with all expected in stock by Q1 2021. We are projecting an additional 15 new products during 2021. Watch your inbox for more details.
Website Update
We are in the process of remodeling our website for easier navigation to the application/product needed. Look for these changes to begin rolling out in early 2021.
Economy and Business Outlook
While there is much uncertainty in our industry and economy today, QSSI has looked beyond this and taken action with a long term view of an improved economy. Our increased inventory and new product development is just the start of things to come. We are not looking back, but instead are focused on improving and enhancing our Value Proposition. We've been here for 35 years and we plan to be here for decades to come.
Thank You
Thank You Your patronage during the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent business disruption is sincerely appreciated and we hope that our service levels have helped assist with your success. We are truly working on your behalf, and our employees and customers are at the forefront of all decisions and efforts that we make. We deeply thank you during this difficult time!
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