As stated in Tuesday’s ‘e’ Blue and Gold article, the Advancement Board is kicking off a second round of the Queen of Hearts raffle this Saturday, September 26.

Most people are well aware of the success this fundraiser, in which the organization and winner split the pot 50-50, has had in various schools and area VFW’s. 
St. Cajetan School in Beverly, for example, saw their grand prize increase to $2.6 million before the Queen was revealed. In McHenry, the VFW made headlines when their jackpot rose to $5.4 million before they had a winner.

Peter and Paul’s foray into this fundraiser last year was centered around selling tickets at Quigley’s. While they were very accommodating to us, there was limited parking available and this site was more of a destination than a location with a lot of foot traffic. Another challenge was procuring enough man power to sell tickets throughout the week.

As the raffle proceeded, we found success at selling tickets at church before and after Masses and even initiated online sales. When the city imposed guidelines necessitated the raffle end in August, the pot had reached $25,000 which itself generated the most ticket sales of the entire six month time frame we operated under.

The Advancement Board remained convinced that improved marketing, along with the ability to run the raffle for an entire year and increase the jackpot to a potential $2 million, would make a second round a much more successful venture.   With every intention of re-launching last year before the pandemic brought efforts to a halt, the Board approached the Naperville City Council with a request to have the previous modification approved. 

Council member (and parishioner) Paul Hinterlong championed our cause and the full Council agreed to our proposed modifications.

The Board then contacted a company that has streamlined the online purchasing process. This will not only mitigate manpower needs but will even provide us with all of the required reports.

As stated in Tuesday's 'e' Blue and Gold, all proceeds will be applied to funding a pre-school for Peter and Paul that will open in the fall of 2021.  

The other advantage of this fundraiser is that it can be very attractive to the public at large and not depend for its success on school families doing the bulk of the ticket purchasing.

Tickets can only be purchased at

  •   5 tickets for $10
  •   20 tickets for $20
  •  100 tickets for $40
  •  300 tickets for $100

The first drawing, also online, will be held on Wednesday, October 28. Even if the chosen card does not reveal the Queen, the person whose name is drawn will receive a consolation prize of $1,000.

Thank you in advance for your help as we continue to seek ways to financially support Saints Peter and Paul School, the premier choice for Catholic education in Naperville.

Volume 8, No. 9
September 24, 2020
A light rain and dropping temperatures over the last 6 holes didn't stop any of our 104 golfers from having fun at the 32nd annual Golf Outing which took place at Cress Creek
on September 10.

Kudos to co-chairs Scott Enke and Pete Ledebuhr and all of the members of the Golf Committee - Ava Allen, Brad Drendel, Dan Hanrahan, Jeremy Andersen, Corey Griggs, and Ryan Ross -- on reaching their goal of raising $50,000 for tuition assistance.

We're grateful for all of the players, sponsors, volunteers, as well as those who donated to or participated in our Silent Auction.

Want an easy way to help the school raises money?

Participate in Nourish Nights. 

Sponsored by the Home and School Association, these are monthly opportunities to give your kitchen staff the night off and also help the school.

No shopping, no cooking, no dishes, no mess!

The next Nourish Night will take place at Culver's on Wednesday, September 30.

Just mention Saints Peter and Paul School and a portion of your purchase will come back to us.

When our school was founded in 1853...

….children who suffered from a sore throat did not have the ability to take a cough drop for it wasn’t until 1927 when the Hall brothers introduced them as a remedy for sore throats and as a cough suppressant while also providing a soothing, cooling sensation.
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