"The BEST at QUEST"               August 2021
61st Annual Report
Message from the
Executive Director
Verna Morris

                    By John Wesley

The last several months have been incredibly challenging and that is an understatement. Non-profit work has never been for the faint of heart and we have been called upon during these trying times to continue to “do good”. We have added “uncertainty”, “political upheaval”, “civil unrest”, and “zoom fatigue” to our agendas. We still continue to wake up every day ready to “do good” in every manner possible. Our business never really closed. We provided virtual services and were part of the Essential work force in our community. We adopted health protocols to protect ourselves, our clientele and the public. We pivoted our business model and navigated the “COVID Seas”. We have always felt we were trail blazers moving forward with creativity and adaptability and we were ready to meet the challenges ahead.
During the pandemic we have certainly felt the “pinch” with fewer resources available to carry out our work.
Message from the
President of the Board
Jim Williams
Our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2021. The past year has again been a difficult year for QUEST and the individuals we serve. Over the past 12 months we experienced numerous starts and stops due to the PCR rate in Lebanon County. Our ATF Day Program shut down in December 2020 through mid-March 2021. We again had to close the program down from the end of March until June 7th. During the periods of shutdown, we offered Virtual Zoom and one on one services. Our janitorial services were also impacted and were sporadic throughout the year depending on customer requests and opening of our building. Employment and Habilitation as well as Lawn Care services were minimally affected.
Every donation to QUEST, Inc. makes a difference and enriches lives by providing programs and services like: 
  • Community Participation Supports
  • Adult Day Program
  • Employment Services and Job Coaching Services
  • Individual Home and Community Habilitation Supports
  • Community Custodial Services Training and Supports
  • Community Lawn Care Services
Your donation will help provide services and supports for adults with disabilities- for example:
  • 25$  Bus Pass Transportation for a month, Day trip to Strasburg Railroad
  • 50$  Seasonal Craft , Ceramic/ or painting class
  • 100$ Personal Care Items, Gasoline, Groceries
  • 150$ Equine Therapy – 2 sessions
  • 200$ Bowling experience for 10 participants
  • 500$ Electronic Tablets for use in Day Program
  • 750$ Personal one on one job coaching for a week- 20 hours
  • 1000$ Sensory Room equipment, additional QUEST vehicle 
QUEST, Inc. Board Members

Dan Figueroa, Penny Samuelson, Howard Lee, Jerryl Miller, Dawn Shultz, James Williams, Mark Dutchess, Jeff Edleman, Roger Sands, James Faren
Dedication and Recognition
It is with great pride, that we announce the winner of the 2021 Unique Source Achievement Award Winner, Bambi Beard, PT Janitorial Supervisor. Bambi has been with Quest Janitorial since August 2017 and in that time she has grown in her employment and was promoted to PT Janitorial Supervisor.
During the past year, Bambi has demonstrated flexibility, dedication, and a desire to grow in her current position. With all of the challenges of the past year, she rose to the occasion, met those challenges and surpassed expectations and always with a positive attitude and demeanor. When asked about the biggest challenge she faced this past year, she said, “Dealing with Covid19, but I kept coming to work and wearing my mask every day.”
Commitment Blends with Creativity

The pandemic posed many challenges over the past year to multiple agencies. QUEST was no exception. However, due to the creative flexibility of our staff, we adapted to meet those challenges and overcame them. Marsha VanOverbeke, QUEST’s Day Services Coordinator is an exceptional example of QUEST’s commitment to individuals we serve, blending with creativity to meet their needs.
She began a virtual program for our individuals when the day program facility had to close. At first, it seemed like a daunting task to start from scratch. “When presented with the idea of doing services via Zoom, I was overwhelmed at first,” Marsha recalls. “I started out with two zooms per day. I was scared and nervous, but found my way.” The virtual program started with a Health Matters Program and 2 to 3 activities afterward.
United Way Day Of Caring
QUEST, Inc. has been a community partner with United Way of Lebanon County for many years. For the past two years we were part of a collaborative supported by United Way with DDS in Lebanon to offer support services for anyone in Lebanon County age 16plus with a disability to assist and sustain gainful community-based employment and improve their quality of life.
 Each year United Way sponsors a “Day of Caring” in Lebanon and volunteers from the Community are able to sign up and volunteer at many local community agencies around the County. This year on April 17th QUEST, Inc. was lucky to have over a dozen volunteers from the Lebanon Federal Credit Union assist with our spring grounds clean up and spreading mulch around our property. We always appreciate the assistance we receive during this event and everyone looks forward to it every year. Hats off to all the volunteers who participated in this year’s event! 
The Essentials
    During the past year, the Janitorial Mobile Work Crew has faced a lot of challenges. While the nation was battling Covid19 and speaking of essential employees, our janitorial staff was on the front lines, in the seldom mentioned field of custodial work. They were sanitizing, cleaning and keeping the virus from spreading at the various sites that QUEST, Inc. has contractual agreements with as well as within the QUEST, Inc. facility. 
    Working through various closures, schedule constraints, and increasing demand on job responsibilities, our Janitorial staff persevered. As Bambi Beard, PT Janitorial Supervisor said recently, the most challenging aspect of the past year was, “Dealing with Covid19, but I wore my mask and kept coming to work.” Her thoughts are mutually shared by many on the janitorial team.
Entertainment provided by The Islanders
Howard Lee-QUEST, Inc. Board Treasurer
(vocals and a 12 metal string guitar and a 6 nylon string guitar)
Jim Richardson (vocals and ukulele, and banjolele)
Val Steinman (drums and percussion.)
QUEST, Inc. would like to thank all of our sponsors.
Services Expand and Diversify Amidst Challenging Times
Mike Barnhart- Employment Coordinator 

Twelve months ago as I set about submitting the annual report for the employment and habilitation services programs, it was in the midst of unprecedented times for service providers as agencies strove to meet the challenges of providing services in the midst of a global pandemic. The usual challenges of manpower and resources were intensified as systemic mandates for service models were radically altered to enhance the safety and wellbeing of our clientele while still trying to provide guidance, direction and safety to our vital direct support professionals who willingly and ably committed to providing the best services possible to our clients in work and living environments never before seen in the human services field. It was a time for reflection for what QUEST has accomplished as a service provider for decades while at the same time needing to be innovative, creative and flexible in adapting to the current sometimes dire circumstances in order to continue and even survive as an agency while many agencies struggled to provide services and even keep the doors open for business.

QUEST, Inc. out and about in the community
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