"The BEST at QUEST"               September 2022
62nd Annual Report
Message from the
Executive Director
Verna Morris
I think we can all agree that our past year was a year like no other.
A pandemic that claimed millions of lives worldwide. Racial strife that laid bare profound social inequities. Political upheaval that divided us. And economic turmoil that brought untold suffering. A lifetime of challenges packed into mere months.
QUEST Inc., like the rest of the world, was undoubtedly tested. But thanks to a solid foundation built over many decades and the cooperation and dedication of our staff, families, participants, businesses and funding sources we not only kept QUEST, Inc. standing but continued to make significant contributions towards supporting our participants to have A Life Worth Living.
Having meaning or purpose in life is connected to overall health, happiness, and life satisfaction- it can make ANY life worth living. We work hard at supporting people with disabilities to discover their meaning and make even those bad days more bearable.
Moving forward we hope to assist and facilitate efforts on behalf of direct support professionals, people with disabilities and people with mental illness, their families, volunteers and members of the Board of Directors, to exercise their defined roles in furthering leadership responsibilities directed toward enhanced Community Life.
As our current fiscal year ended we were happy to share with the QUEST community that we will be embarking on a Capital Campaign over the next 5 years which will Improve Our Capability to Improve Our Client’s Capabilities. We are grateful to be able to move forward with a clear vision and a community dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. For more information and how you too can offer support please contact us at: 717-273-8118.
Message from the
President of the Board
Jerryl Miller
QUEST, Inc provides a valuable service to adults in our community with disabilities. The prevocational and vocational services offered at QUEST, Inc. are broad and varied in scope to meet the unique needs for each individual served. We offer specialized occupational training, job placement, employment services, and expanded community integration opportunities in programs such as the Adult Training Program, Employment Services, and Home and Community Habilitation.
The impact of the prolonged pandemic was felt in many ways this past year such as with hiring and staff retention and in delivering services in a safe and effective manner. Quest, Inc. has been challenged to review staff wages to attract and retain quality employees, invest in on-line recruitment efforts, and to continually ensure our staff are recognized for the excellent service they provide. The agency has been flexible in using both in-person and virtual means to do business depending on the safety needs of the situation and in adding innovative programing.
This past year the board at Quest, Inc. explored the possibility of a merger with another non-profit in our community to position the agency to best serve the needs of persons with disabilities. Although the venture did not materialize, it did provide Quest an opportunity to explore and identify our mission to a greater depth and to recognize the tremendous value of our services to the community.
Every donation to QUEST, Inc. makes a difference and enriches lives by providing programs and services like: 
  • Community Participation Supports
  • Adult Day Program
  • Employment Services and Job Coaching Services
  • Individual Home and Community Habilitation Supports
  • Community Custodial Services Training and Supports
  • Community Lawn Care Services
Your donation will help provide services and supports for adults with disabilities- for example:
  • 25$  Bus Pass Transportation for a month, Day trip to Strasburg Railroad
  • 50$  Seasonal Craft , Ceramic/ or painting class
  • 100$ Personal Care Items, Gasoline, Groceries
  • 150$ Equine Therapy – 2 sessions
  • 200$ Bowling experience for 10 participants
  • 500$ Electronic Tablets for use in Day Program
  • 750$ Personal one on one job coaching for a week- 20 hours
  • 1000$ Sensory Room equipment, additional QUEST vehicle 
QUEST, Inc. Board of Directors

Jerryl Miller; Howard Lee; Dawn Shultz; Erin Cannon; Jeffrey Edleman; James F. Faren; Dan Figueroa; Penelope Samuelson; Amanda Sweitzer; James E. Williams
Dedication and Recognition
Titus Snader was nominated by Quest, Inc., where he's employed as a janitorial associate. He received this award because of his strong work ethic, upbeat attitude and willingness to help others. He's also shown initiative to move into a supervisory position. Throughout the constant-changing world of COVID-19, Titus is a stable influence. Even with schedule, personnel, and equipment changes, he remained courteous, reliable, and punctual. He's an inspiration to those he works with.”
Adult Day Services

The day program here at QUEST is tasked with the unique challenge of meeting the needs of many individuals with different goals. This past year, QUEST provided services to adults with developmental disabilities who live in community settings which can include their families, group homes, and life sharing based on normalization and everyday lives. Over the past year, participants of the program were presented with opportunities to gain and enhance life experiences. Services consisted of support in general areas of self-care, communication, community participation, socialization, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, relationship development, appropriate socialization, job skills, and more! These activities were to promote independence while allowing each person to accomplish everyday tasks in order that they may live a quality life. There is a minimum staff to participant ratio of 1:6 maintained at all times in the facility and a staff to participant ratio of 1:3 while in the community.
The day program was structured to include individual and group activities. QUEST’s person centered approach was meant to highlight the interests of each participant, as well as cultivate new interests for each participant as well. Individuals were always encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in every activity that was offered.
On top of providing quality day program services, the past two years QUEST has had to navigate a world changed by the COVID-19 virus, and the subsequent variants. Before the pandemic, the day program had over 40 participants enrolled. During the pandemic, day program numbers decreased drastically. Despite all of the challenges that COVID-19 had to offer, day program staff adapted in order to accommodate all the needs of the participants. Mask policies, social distancing, as well as Plexiglas were used to ensure participant and staff safety. As mandates began to relax this past year, more participants slowly started returning to the day program. Thanks to the tenacity, resilience, and hard work of the day program staff, the number of participants enrolled in the day program has climbed back up to near pre-COVID numbers!
We are excited to see what the future has in store for QUEST, the day program, and our participants as we continue to grow and adapt to whatever lies ahead!
United Way Day Of Caring
Richland’s Best Beautify QUEST
A springtime staple in the Lebanon Valley is the United Way’s Annual Day of Caring. This year the event was held on April 23rd, marking the 25th year that volunteers gathered to assist local organizations in various capacities. It has become recent tradition that volunteers complete lawn care and landscaping tasks at QUEST to assist us in enhancing the aesthetics of the property just in time for seasonal outdoor activities. This year the volunteers at QUEST were the Richland Community Association led by their team leader Jeremy Doster. Jeremy is the owner of JKC Landscape in Richland and he and his crew arrived well equipped and ready to work. Rounding out the crew were Andy Kriss and Jesse Yohn along with young but able bodied and eager helpers Cole Doster (age 14), Caden Doster (age 7) and Mac Yohn (age 9). The primary focus was on mulching and when the crew was done the property makeover was impressive. They did get a brief respite when Flame Vo from the United Way stopped by to present them with t-shirts in recognition for their participation, which gave them a nice post-work makeover (see photos). QUEST offered goodie bags as well in appreciation for their hard work and positive attitudes. QUEST would like to thank Jeremy and his crew and the United Way for a job well done!
Entertainment provided by
Howard Lee-QUEST, Inc. Board Treasurer

QUEST, Inc. would like to thank all of our sponsors.

Services Expand and Diversify Amidst Challenging Times
Mike Barnhart- Employment Coordinator 

Looking Back and Moving Forward

In 2009, I arrived at QUEST via a grant to spur employment initiatives for people with disabilities. At the time, QUEST looked similar to most vocational training programs. Emphasis was placed on the workshop and janitorial training programs with one person designated for community based employment. The service model for decades had been to provide segregated services within the confines of the building with occasional forays into the community. Change in human services land tends to be slow but seeds were planted to develop a new and improved service model that included options for community participation and competitive community based employment. Clients were introduced to volunteer activities in the community and The Job Club was formed to explore vocational opportunities. Over time a computer lab was added to introduce clients to virtual exploration and develop skills related to community integration and employment. As individuals expressed more interest in being part of the community more time was spent out of the building brokering connections, giving people real life experiences. The workshop environment eventually gave way to the introduction to in home and community based habilitation and companion services and the ATF program we have now. Presently, community integration and participation is the focal point of the services of what QUEST offers but it took years to lay the foundation, change methods and strategies for services and most importantly mindsets. Sometimes I look back in amazement at how far we have come and how much things have changed for the better.
The employment division continues to be my primary domain and this past fiscal year was both busy and productive. Our clients and business partners continue to garnish recognition as a result of our collaborative efforts. Locally, QUEST was affiliated with nine of the employment awards given out annually by Work With Us, the local employment coalition. This included Employee of the Year, Employment Champion, Large Employer (Vanity Fair), Small Employer (Just Like Family), both Newcomer and Rising Star awards and three Hero awards for clients that continued to work throughout the ongoing pandemic. Regionally, Vanity Fair was recognized by PAR as Employer of the Year, marking the fourth consecutive year that our nominee was chose for this award. We are currently working with more community-based businesses than ever in our efforts to promote diversified workforces in our community. As we pause briefly to recognize and celebrate achievement, we are always looking forward to the next challenges and goals. Two things remain at the heart of our success; clients that desire to achieve and staff committed to supporting them. The direct support professionals continue to be the unsung heroes at QUEST. Their dedication cannot be understated or over emphasized. My thanks and appreciation to all of my dedicated staff for their invaluable contributions.

QUEST, Inc. out and about in the community
704 Metro Drive,
Lebanon, PA 17042
QUEST, Inc. is a registered charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible. The official registration and financial information of QUality Employment Services and Training, Inc. may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.