"The BEST at QUEST"               October 2020
60th Annual Report
Message from the
Executive Director
Verna Morris

If we have learned anything throughout these last few months, it is the importance of coming together, and “the why “we persist when the world is telling us otherwise. Although the world has been, at times, shut down during this year, we are still working hard for our people. Our “WHY” is simple. We choose to care about the people that need us to be their voice and provide ongoing care and support. What we, at QUEST, Inc. recognize is, these individuals have a lot to offer, and as they may be different, they are in a way not easily noticed. They are different because of their innocence, unwavering curiosity, loving spirit, and their ability to the see the world differently. 
Message from the
President of the Board
Jim Williams
Our fiscal year ended on June 30, 2020. The past year has been a trying year not only for QUEST, the individuals we serve, but for the country as a whole due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the 9 months ending in March 2020, revenues were 2.2% below budget and expenses were 1.3% below budget. We ended the year on June 30 with revenues 15.6% below budget and expenses 4.2% below budget. Revenues and expenses were negatively impacted by the mid-March stay at home orders issued by the Governor. Our ATF Day Program shut down until mid-July when it resumed at reduced levels. Our Employment Supports, Habilitation, Companion, Janitorial Services and Lawn Care continued but at reduced levels. At the same time, we experienced some unusual expenses for PPE supplies to ensure we were in compliance with health mandates.
Every donation to QUEST, Inc. makes a difference and enriches lives by providing programs and services like: 
  • Community Participation Supports
  • Adult Day Program
  • Employment Services and Job Coaching Services
  • Individual Home and Community Habilitation Supports
  • Community Custodial Services Training and Supports
  • Community Lawn Care Services
Your donation will help provide services and supports for adults with disabilities- for example:
  • 25$  Bus Pass Transportation for a month, Day trip to Strasburg Railroad
  • 50$  Seasonal Craft , Ceramic/ or painting class
  • 100$ Personal Care Items, Gasoline, Groceries
  • 150$ Equine Therapy – 2 sessions
  • 200$ Bowling experience for 10 participants
  • 500$ Electronic Tablets for use in Day Program
  • 750$ Personal one on one job coaching for a week- 20 hours
  • 1000$ Sensory Room equipment, additional QUEST vehicle 
QUEST, Inc. Board Members

Dan Figueroa, Penny Samuelson, Howard Lee, Jerryl Miller, Dawn Shultz, James Williams, Mark Dutchess, Jeff Edleman, Roger Sands, James Faren
QUEST, Inc. would like to thank all of our sponsors.
Ever Changing, Ever Growing, Always Caring
-Mike Barnhart, Employment Coordinator

As we embark on a new fiscal year amidst unprecedented challenging times I’d like to reflect upon the successes of our community based programs in the past 12 months. The employment division continues to grow and expand with an increasing number of clients obtaining gainful employment and maintaining and advancing on their jobs with support from our ACRE certified employment specialists. Though typically referred to simply as “job coaches”, that term does not do justice to the impact they have on helping individuals achieve and maintain their vocational goals which enhances their quality of life and gives them a sense of purpose, dignity and inclusion. A number of our clients and business partners received recognition on a local and regional level for their accomplishments. This included one client being recognized by PAR as the self-advocate of the year, multiple business partners being recognized as Employer of the Year, three clients receiving milestone awards for tenure with employers, one client honored as Employee of the Year and numerous individuals being recognized as Employment Champions for their “above and beyond” commitment to helping clients succeed. This included professional staff, business partners and family members, emphasizing a team approach to helping people achieve. It is in this spirit that QUEST has formed a collaborative with DDS, utilizing grant funding from the United Way to help even more people find competitive employment. This partnership expands services and funding beyond traditional systemic staffing models and funding streams with the ambitious but reachable goal of improving the services model as we work toward dignity, inclusion and equality for all.
QUEST, Inc. out and about in the community
704 Metro Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042
QUEST, Inc. is a registered charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible. The official registration and financial information of QUality Employment Services and Training, Inc. may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.