"The BEST at QUEST"               October 2019
59th Annual Report
Message from the
Executive Director
Verna Morris
Over the past year we here at QUEST, Inc. have been busy with expanded offerings to meet the needs of our participants. We have discontinued the facility based vocational/ industrial program and have focused on providing meaningful day activities which help people find employment in the traditional workforce or have other community based experiences. The services we are providing are based on people’s gifts, interests, capacities, and not their deficits. We all want “the good life” and that will more than likely happen if they hold socially valued roles. It is not just about where people go and what they do, it’s helping them to develop those valued roles.  Turning an interest or a skill into a socially valued role in addition to paid employment is one of our ultimate goals. Because the path to living a great story is not without stumbles and falls; it is mired with complications.
Message from the
President of the Board
Jim Williams
  In 2019, we celebrated our 60 th anniversary. The past year has been one of transition for QUEST, Inc. As of January 1, 2019 we shuttered the facility based vocational/industrial program- (Sheltered Workshop.) The organization’s primary focus is now on providing activities that help people develop employment skills so they may find traditional employment in the public sector or have other community based experiences. This change has resulted in increasing our staffing level to provide the required training programs to prepare people for employment in the community.
QUEST, Inc. Board Members

Laurie Bowersox, Dr. Mary Rita Weller, Dan Figueroa, Penny Samuelson, Howard Lee, Bob Fortna, Jerryl Miller, Dawn Shultz, James Williams, Mark Dutchess, Jeff Edleman, Roger Sands
UniqueSource ® Products & Services Recognizes Henry Heuer
from Quest, Inc. with the UniqueSource Achievement Award 

  LEBANON, PA, July 03, 2019 – June 17 was an evening to “Embrace the Abilities” of Pennsylvanians by showcasing the skills and talents that individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace each and every day.
“Tonight, we honor and celebrate the accomplishments of 28 UniqueSource Member employees with the UniqueSource Achievement Award,” said Vince Loose of UniqueSource® Products & Services. “All of the Pennsylvanians employed by our Members are motivated to work by the same elements of life as everyone in society. We go to work to obtain greater financial stability, self-worth, achieve a higher degree of independence and make a difference in our communities.” 

QUEST, Inc. would like to thank all of our sponsors.
Employment Division Garners Recognition in 2018

The employment division had an eventful calendar year culminating with numerous awards and recognition for services provided, successful business partnerships and the enhancement in the quality of life for our clients via vocational successes. Throughout the year Quest worked in conjunction with various funding sources including OVR, Lebanon County MH/ID, CMU, SAM, Inc. and the United Way of Lebanon County to provide employment support in the forms of job development, job placement and job retention to an ever increasing number of clients seeking gainful and integrated employment opportunities in our community and the surrounding areas. The department was bolstered with the addition of Jenner Davis-Brandt who transitioned from vocational instructor to employment specialist. Jen joined Emily Jones and Amy Klink to form a triumvirate that excelled in job coaching services throughout the county at a variety of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small family owned and operated local businesses. All three have completed ACRE endorsed trainings specific to employment services for individuals with disabilities and are professionally trained in providing individualized one-on-one services for our clients while serving as liaisons to the businesses where job coaching services occur.
QUEST, Inc. out and about in the community
United Way Day of Caring
704 Metro Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042