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3rd Dark Sky Designation in the
Heart of the Continent Region!
February 23, 2021| Issue #22
A Heart of the Continent Dark Sky Initiative
Photo -High Falls and Comet NEOWISE - Travis Novitsky @travis_novitsky
The Pigeon River separates two countries but shares the water and the sky of our beloved public lands.

Tonia Kittelson, Chair of HOCP is pleased with the latest accomplishment and the collaborative efforts of the agencies

Heart of the Continent Partnership is working with our public land managers to help build vibrant and resilient communities that value and protect public lands in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Ontario including initiatives like preserving our dark skies.

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Preserving International Dark Skies - Heart of the Continent Partnership - Dark Sky Initiative
Quetico, La Verendrye, Pigeon River Provincial Parks, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in the Superior National Forest, and Voyageurs National Park have been collaborating with Starry Skies Lake Superior IDA towards a large dark sky region.
This international partnership is building on a long history of cooperation to create a unique and internationally significant area of pristine protected night skies in Northwestern Ontario and Northeastern Minnesota. 

In September of 2020, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness was certified as a Dark Sky Sanctuary.

In December, Voyageurs National Park became a certified Dark Sky Park.

This week we are celebrating the 3rd big step in creating the world's largest managed dark sky areas with the designation of QUETICO.

Certification requires us to become dark sky stewards. Much like becoming stewards of preserving our lands, as dark sky stewards we will continue to monitor the quality of our skies annually.

Below- Winter in Quetico - David Jackson