Democrat$ Bailout of HI GOP
Leads to Official Gag Order
by State Chair Fritz Rohlfing

*** Control of GOP Message, Policies,
and Programs Handed Over to
Democrat Wannabe Beth Fukumoto
and RINO's at the State Capitol ***

Aloha, Republican:

Whoa is right!!  There's been a LOT more fallout from the scandal of local Republican party leaders cozying up to Democrat megadonors to financially bail out the troubled GOP organization .  Apparently, those tens of thousands of dollars from Democrats came at a very steep price to keep the doors open and the lights on over at the Hawaii GOP's wasteful luxury Kakaako headquarters as well as to pay the salaries of astonishingly inexperienced co-executive directors Jack James and Marcia Tagavilla-Laroya (still on "maternity leave", according to the party's state chairman).
Wait until you read
about two new and extremely far-reaching policies announced over the airwaves this week by Hawaii GOP chairman Fritz RohlfingLong story short:  In the aftermath of Democrats paying off some of the party's debt and current overhead expenses, there appears to be some sort of secret agreement for state Republican leaders to muzzle the party and its members to even more of an extreme degree than usual; such that Hawaii's Democrats can be assured of the most insignificant political opposition imaginable from any political party in the 21st century anywhere in the world.  NO EXAGGERATION . . . just read on.

On Duke Aiona's just-resurrected afternoon drivetime AM radio show Tuesday, Aiona's guest was Fritz Rohlfing, along with executive director (on maternity leave) Marcia Tagavilla-Laroya's new co-executive director Jack James.
*** Here's the breaking news part :  Damning evidence was broadcast on the radio which likely reveals what Democrats are getting in exchange for the tens of thousands they've infused into Miriam "I'm a VIP" Hellreich's Hawaii GOP organization for the 2017 Fritz Rohlfing party financial bailout.
Rohlfing was asked by a caller WHY the Hawaii GOP doesn't lead the fight on any issues and why it doesn't engage in 'messaging' about issues or about Democrats like all other GOP organizations do around the country and at the RNC; especially since the Hawaii GOP has plummeted to its lowest point in decades over the past several consecutive election cycles?
A really great question which Republicans statewide have been asking since Miriam Hellreich took over the Hawaii GOP.  Rohlfing's answer will shock you.  Responding to the caller, Rohlfing clearly and calmly announced the following two devastating policies which completely invalidate the purpose of even having a Republican Party organization in Hawaii:  What Rohlfing said:  "The onus of party messaging is on current GOP office holders in Hawaii.  The party is there to support incumbents' policies and programs."

That policy sounds almost too clinical and lawyerly to be bad -- but it's HORRIBLE.  In other words, the Hawaii Republican Party no longer exists for the benefit of its members to collectively express our public policy aspirations for Hawaii and the nation.  Our party has been unilaterally demoted and sidelined by its officers from being a full-time political organization to a mere 'on call' public relations firm working directly for the declining number of mostly left-leaning and cowardly Republicans in state and county office.

If you've been around the Hawaii GOP, you already know that it's actually been like this for more than a decade .  And everyone knows it's not working.  We already have endured years of silence and neutrality at the hands of 'leaders' like Rohlfing and Hellreich.  The general public statewide has absolutely no idea why they should vote for Republicans in Hawaii.  This approach is a dead-on-arrival failure of a "messaging" strategy which leaves Democrats unscathed every two years; able to get elected and re-elected with ease.
GET REAL ABOUT "THE ONUS", FRITZ :  There are only six elected Republicans in all of Hawaii.  There are 114 elected Democrats in Hawaii.  The number of Democrats is growing.  The number of Republicans is shrinking.  Democrats have lots of allies.  Republicans have virtually none.

So, how does it make sense to officially sideline the party organization and expect six lone, weakened Republicans to do all the year-round messaging necessary to combat 114 Democrats and to soften up 114 political districts so that Republican candidates can win?  It makes no sense.  It's not even happening now.  The desperately needed synergy for GOP victory will never be achieved under this formula.  Not in our lifetimeNot ever.
BUT, if you ask Democrats, they absolutely want the Hawaii GOP to be muzzled (or remain muzzled), so they can continue picking us off and implementing their failed policiesThat's the price of RINO leadership and dirty Democrat bailout money solicited by Hellreich.  Think about it - Democrats in Hawaii don't have a care in the world about GOP impact on existing laws or laws and budgets enacted in 2017 or 2018.  And they're definitely not worried that votes cast by Democrat lawmakers will be used against them by the Hawaii GOP . . . especially not with the Rohlfing/Hellreich policy of surrender, seemingly paid for by Democrats to bail out our dysfunctional, bankrupt and virtually nonexistent GOP.

Under the Rohlfing/Hellreich policy, you can forget about how a party is supposed to represent its members.  You can forget how members drive the issues and positions we take as Republicans.  Instead, it's completely up to RINO Beth " Future Caucus " Fukumoto ( formerly Beth Fukumoto-Chang ) as minority party leader of the State House of Representatives to decide what matters.  This dreadful new policy (presumably approved by executive committee members Smart, Hellreich, Mukk, Ward, Jensen, Ready, Hickling and the rest), we all work for Fukumoto now, according to Tuesday's radio broadcast from Fritz Rohlfing, Jack James and Duke Aiona.

THE "WHY YOU SHOULD CARE" BOTTOM LINE Our party will NEVER take the fight to Democrats for the hearts and minds of voters, just as Fukumoto never fights Democrats.  In fact, Beth Fukumoto -- the very person who several times has threatened to jump ship to the Democrats because she prefers their policies ( just ask Bob McDermott ) -- is now officially in charge of all Hawaii GOP public policy making to the exclusion of 30,000 card-carrying members and the 129,000 Hawaii residents who voted for Donald Trump, whom Fukumoto regards as deplorable (or 'uncontrollable').
The "onus" is on this 'Democrat wannabe' whether or not she 'messages' for Republicans (meaning to educate and persuade voters why they should dump Democrats and support Republicans).  According to the Rohlfing/Hellreich policy, the Hawaii GOP is "there to support" Beth Fukumoto's closet Democrat view of the world.  Let's remember all the reasons she was booed off the stage of our state convention just eight short months ago.  Everyone in that room knew she'd be happier as a Democrat, but sticks around to keep Republicans on a liberal path.

So, if the GOP house leader decides we support higher taxes and wasteful spending (which Fukumoto has), then Republicans are for higher taxes.  If the GOP house leader decides we support creating a $205 million Obamacare exchange in Hawaii (which previous leader Gene Ward did), then Republicans love Obamacare.  If the GOP house leader decides we support mandating county DMV's issue driver's license to tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawaii so they can take jobs from Americans (which Fukumoto has), then Republicans support sanctuary cities.  And so on . . .
Seriously, there are only six elected Republican 'office holders' in Hawaii -- or maybe seven if you include Kym "Backstabber" Pine-Ryglowski at the Honolulu City Council (
where party rules chairman and blogger Andrew Walden says Pine is still officially considered a card-carrying Republican ).  How comfortable are you as a Republican knowing that our party's leaders are putting 'wannabe Democrats' in charge of actually deciding the state and county programs and policies which will become defined as "Republican"??
TOTAL SURRENDER :  Take a closer look at Rohlfing's explicitly-worded proclamation above and you realize that he wants the Hawaii GOP to hold back, say nothing, and do nothing unless RINO minority leader Beth Fukumoto says so . . . which is precisely what has been happening under Fukumoto, her party-switching predecessor Aaron "Ling" Johanson, and his cowardly predecessor Gene "Obamacare" WardWe're not making any progress on any issues AND our brave candidates lose in larger numbers every year.  Democrat megadonors bailing out the Hawaii GOP are buying Republican silence for at least the next four years of Miriam Hellreich's term as Hawaii's top GOP officer.  And with Sam Slom removed from the equation (thanks to ball-dropping party leaders and Beth Fukumoto's direct political support to -- and her publicity partnership with -- Democrat Stanley Chang), the remaining difference between Republicans and Democrats is nearly impossible to distinguish.
More to the point, it's long been rumored that liberal Republicans at the legislature call the shots at the Hawaii Republican Party.  Today, just seven and a half days before Trump get sworn in, Fritz Rohlfing actually went on the radio to totally confirm this policy dedicated to our unilateral surrender.  Time to drain the swamp, people.
Nothing will change for the better while Team Hellreich and its puppet officers like Fritz Rohlfing controls and destroys the Hawaii Republican Party.  Mind you, Democrats are VERY happy with the arrangement and the results.  But real Republicans know that our party has been hijacked by liberals who cannot stand conservatives or 'real Republicans' or the policy aspirations we hold.
Abandoning the party's 24/7/365 responsibility to conduct outreach to the public doesn't make any political sense to advance the GOP in Hawaii.  But makes perfect sense in the context of a quid pro quo with Democrats who keep bailing out the local Republican Party with BIG BUCKS.
Between the direct funding of party operations by Democrat megadonors and the official insistence on party leaders keeping the party officially silent, neutral, in disarray and at the mercy of mostly RINO legislators at the State Capitol (who are led by Democrat-in-waiting Beth Fukumoto), it's abundantly clear that Democrats and their political allies run the Hawaii GOP.
Sadly, the vast majority of party officers under Fritz Rohlfing have no problem with sitting silently for years at a time while we continue losing elections.
Let's be honest:  The Hawaii GOP leadership does not mind that failed Democrat policies persist, or they'd be leading the charge 24/7/365.  If they led that charge, Republicans would rise up to spread the word and join the fight and our numbers would grow.  However, with the announcement of the Rohlfing/Hellreich Surrender Policy, we are in really HUGE (or YUGE) trouble and should never expect to become the majority party.

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