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February 28, 2011
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*Ted, a Contributing Editor on Earth Clinic since 2006, offers information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention,

diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by Ted or by anyone in this newsletter or on the Earth Clinic site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.


Welcome to the latest Earth Clinic newsletter.
As always, Earth Clinic is proud to serve as a unique forum to discuss health concerns, where together with your peers and a few knowledgeable friends of the site we find safe, reliable remedies.


We have become inspired to give you a little insider tiKen Weintrubp on some simple but incredibly effective exercises. These Qi Gong exercises are part of a larger body of Eastern energy and healing practices that include Tai Chi, and they are becoming increasingly popular. The Earth Clinic team has been using the following low-intensity Qi Gong movements lately to develop and harness their own Qi. And though we're fit as fiddles, absolutely anyone can participate in them and benefit.


Ken Weintrub, the instructor in these recommended and inexpensive Qi Gung downloads, has for better than two decades been an expert and instructor in the energy applications of the oriental martial arts, particularly with regard to healing. These Qi Gong exercises have long been central to his healing practice.


Many people who do Qi Gong report feeling more grounded and have a visceral experience of just what energy feels like as it flows through the legs, arms, and hands. The practice makes energy a real, not just an abstract concept. Earth Clinic's Exec Director, Deirdre Layne, has noticed an enormous calming and centering effect that happens halfway through the Xian Gong practice. In fact, she manages her day much more effectively on days when she does the exercises!


We hope you'll check out the link below for descriptions of the movements, and then the Qi Gong exercises themselves. And when you do, we are eager to hear about the excellent results you get from them!


Xian Gong, Practice #1, about 20 minutes long, is highly recommended for beginners.




Bangkok, Thailand  

[email protected] 



"What foods should I avoid if I have cancer?"

This is the single most frequently asked question I get from people with cancer. The answer, of course, is complicated, but controlling your cancer through diet comes down to two principles: controlling your body's oxidation levels to prevent cancer and limiting your sugar intake to prevent metastasizing of cancers.


How Cancer Gets Started

 The big question is, what is the mysterious switching mechanism that switches a cancer on, and what is needed to neutralize or reverse that switch? There are three things you need to be aware of:


1. Cancer cells register -15 millivolts on the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) scale

2. Healing cells register -50 millivolts

3. Healthy cells register from -70 to -100 millivolts.


Here is how the cancer switch is turned on: If I am a weak person, whose healthy cells are around -60 millivolts, and for instance I take an extra long shower with chlorinated water, whose millivolts are -300, your body ABSORBS an average of 80% of the chlorine through your skin as chlorine gas. What you are doing in effect is to change your ALREADY low millivolts -60 into exactly -15 millivolts and suddenly the mitochondria go into anaerobic fermentation and those cells become cancerous.

Our body begins to heal if we can get the cells in the right millivolts range. You can do something as simple as soak in sacred healing water, as in Tlacote Mexico where Magic Johnson went to treat his HIV.


Food, of course, is the biggest factor.
If we can consume foods whose millivolts allow all cells to reach -70 millivolts, the cancer cells could not survive. Then there is another way to do it, the use of sodium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate. Cancer cells love sodium, and that is why cancer causes edema, but sodium ascorbate won't protect healthy cells from getting the cancer, while the potassium ascorbate may protect weak cells whose voltages are really close to negative -15 millivolts.


The acetic acid in the Krebs cycle may also help. Apple cider vinegar in alkaline form when mixed with potassium carbonate gives an alkaline form of apple cider vinegar with potassium. If the main component of vinegar is the acetic acid, a mix of potassium ascorbate will get you potassium acetate, with a twist: the apple cider vinegar in alkaline form has a millivolt charge of over -200 easy.


Are You at Risk for Cancer?
In order to figure out if your body's redox levels (oxidative reduction potential) are affecting you, get an ORP meter and measure your first urine of the day. Both the pH AND the ORP readings. If I see a person taking their urine ORP and pH test, and find the ORP is positive, it means they are a walking time bomb for cancer cells to be switched on anytime. Urine always has a more acid pH than plasma, and so a positive ORP means it is way off the healthy cells range in plasma. But should their urine ORP be in a safe range of -50 millivolts at least, with a urine pH above 6.5 to 7.35, the likelihood of these "switches" in our mitochondria turning on cancer cells is reduced.

Take for instance a few clients that recently died from loss of their life force, as their urine pH went from -50 millivolts, to -25 millivolts to +10 millivolts and to +100 millivolts. That means their life force was already on LOW BATT, and this means they could just die if there is not enough battery juice left. Treatment should be to fill up these battery cells with an alkaline form of both sodium and potassium ascorbate, and make sure their urine pH remains at -70 millivolts.


This could potentially save lives and it is what I have witnessed in ICU rooms where they die a slow death allowing their life force to be lost, unchecked with the use of a simple ORP tester. You can predict these deaths before they happen and perhaps reverse their demise.


Metastasizing Cancer

So when the ORP in the body is overly positive, cancer can first take hold, but if you already have cancer what will make it spread and get worse?


It's sugar.


Most people with cancer are diabetic. However, most do not know they have diabetes, even if they did measure their blood sugar. Now, cancerous tumors require sugar and glucose for them to persist, but they REQUIRE FRUCTOSE TO METASTASIZE.


The best way to stop the metastasis has got to be lysine, BUT WITHOUT THE CALCIUM. But the trigger for metastasis is fructose and sugar levels. The facts on this issue of cancer survival are based on a Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) report, that people who have more than 90 mg/dL of blood sugar have a 97% increased chance of dying. And those with blood sugar below or equal to 90 mg/dL have a 97% greater chance of survival. It's a key fact that people keep overlooking.


A cancer can reach general metastasis within 2 hours after consuming most fructose, especially in fruit juices of all kinds. Cancer here in Thailand exploded in the past 5 years here, right after national sales of fruit juices skyrocketed. So it's no coincidence that fruit juices, even without added sugar (called sucrose), do contain large amounts of sugars, such as the fructose found in fruits to begin with.


People tell me how healthy fruits are, and of course they are healthy, for healthy people. What we fail to realize is that research studies assume people with normal blood sugar find them beneficial, and also that in laboratory rats, we prepare fruit extracts, WITHOUT the sugar fructose. Fructose is more dangerous then sucrose, but sucrose is a double sugar that has fructose and glucose built in. The body's insulin merely controls your blood glucose, but has no control of fructose directly allowing fructose, as a Trojan horse to damage the system.


There are three causes of diabetes that trigger cancer growth when your blood sugar is uncontrolled:


1. Fruit juices and sweet drinks.

A soft drink contains 10% sugar. So in a 1-liter bottle you have just consumed 100 grams of sugar. If you do this three times a day, and do that for 4 days, you have actually consumed about 1.2 kilograms of sugar. That is more than 2 pounds of sugar. It is beyond what the body can metabolize. We are practically growing cancer farms.

Oily foods, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Perhaps the only known oils that do not damage the liver are coconut oil and lard. They are both saturated fats and in chemistry are not subjected to free radical attacks. Put a vegetable oil in the sun, side to side with coconut oil, and in one month the coconut oil remains the same but the vegetable oil will turn to glue. Imagine what happens if this occurs in the body as fats and oil tend to accumulate and stay in your body for a long time. Once the liver is damaged, it can't handle the body's sugars as well.


3. Wheat products.

Wheat contains a protein that destroys your pancreas, and studies show that this alone can initiate type 1 diabetes. Now in a cancer patient, if the pancreas doesn't work the blood sugar gets high, but as the pancreas gets destroyed, it can't produce pancreatic enzymes. Without enough enzymes in your system, the body cannot digest the food and we end up having cancer cachexia.


What Not to Eat
As for a short list of what not to eat, here is an excerpt from one of my private emails:

  • NO fruit or fruit juices.
  • NO sweet drinks or sodas.
  • NO sugar or artificial sugars.
  • NO corn syrup or fructose.
  • NO carbonated water. Plain water is always ok.
  • NO vegetable oils except coconut oil used in cooking.
  • NO fried foods.
  • NO calcium.
  • NO large meals consisting largely of meats.  

On the positive side, do drink plenty of water during meals. Do not eat before sleep and no large meals at dinner. Dinnertime is best before 5 p.m. No meals after this. Obviously, no snacks and bakery products. Supplements that reduce blood sugar are helpful, as in glucophage (metformin) twice a day, B3 250 mg three times a day, and B1 100 mg three times a day. White tea is also important in flushing out excess sugar, while lysine, threonine, glutamine, Vitamin C, proline, tannic acid and perhaps green tea extract can stop a cancer's progression.


It is MOST important, though, to get blood sugar below or equal to 90 mg/dL. You have a 97% better survival rate from cancer if you do.


Controlling Your Blood Sugar When You Have Cancer

My method for checking blood sugar is to do so 1 HOUR AFTER eating food. Most medical practitioners today measure blood sugar based on 12-hour fasting blood sugar, which is the wrong way to measure with cancer. The reason why they are wrong is cancer becomes metastatic after a blood sugar spike ONE HOUR AFTER A MEAL. The cancer becomes metastatic in the second hour.


Obviously you have to find a cure for diabetes to cure cancer, but in more reasonable terms, if you can CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR not to exceed 110 the cancer simply can't go into metastasis.


I have found three substances that get blood sugar down, namely:

  • N acetyl Cystiene
  • Beta carotene (mostly found in carrots)
  • Bitter cucumber.

The N acetyl cysteine has a long-term effect (which takes about a week) to get blood sugar down, but the quickest is freshly squeezed carrot juice alone or with bitter cucumber. That gets blood sugar down fairly quickly, always less than 110.


Research circles surmise that diabetes is due to a deficiency in beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin (the yellow pigments in carrot, pumpkins and orange rinds). Beta-carotene is a provitamin of Vitamin A. From my own observation I have found provitamins, or percursors of vitamins, to be far more effective than the vitamins themselves in a few cases, such as panthenol, which is a vitamin B5 of pantothenic acid or beta-carotene for example. These get blood sugar down very quickly and also have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure (in some cases there is no need to take blood pressure medicine if carrot juice is consumed).   


Can You Reverse Cancer?
The second point and perhaps the most important point is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) turns cancer cells into normal cells. The mechanism is fairly straightforward. Basically DMSO can enter cancer cells, but the DMSO takes WATER OUT from the cells and reduces their sodium content. When this is done, the cells are no longer waterlogged and normal respiration proceeds. Hence cells are no longer fermentative.


From my observation of cancer cells, they become cancerous if the oxygen is low and cellular respiration is restricted by too much sugar, oil, and water inside the cells. Sugar promotes fermentation and supports anaerobic respiration. Healthy cells support aerobic respiration. Hence if sugars are low, cells can't revert to anaerobic respiration.

The one major sore thumb about using DMSO is that it causes itchiness when applied to the skin. Of course we can get around the problem by thinly applying lavender oil then DMSO. Putting on too much DMSO and leaving it too long tends to cause burning of the skin, but if it is applied thinly to the tumor area, the problem won't happen. DMSO actually converts more than 50% of a skin cancer tumor to normal cells (usually averages 80%) within 2 days. If it is deep in the body, then it takes a bit longer such as 3 to 5 days to get 50% reduction.


Reduce Cancer Pain

The above is just the results of a few clients, but for certain DMSO is EXCELLENT in reducing cancer pain. The secret to getting rid of the cancer pain is simple. Lactic acid production in the cancer cells is what causes pain, but that pain is much more IF THE CANCER CELLS ARE VERY ANAEROBIC. The DMSO is a good oxygen and nutrient carrier. By applying it to the tumor cells externally on the skin, the cancer cells become more aerobic and hence the pain reduces. And this is NOT only theoretical knowledge, since I have tested it on several people and all reported SIGNIFICANT reduction in cancer pain.


Even with me having liver pain, or kidney pain, and I don't even have cancer, the pain simply vanishes away when DMSO is applied to the area. The reason why this pain is reduced is simple, if there is cellular congestion of various toxins and lack of nutrients to neutralize them, it CAUSES PAIN. When DMSO goes into that area, the toxins get neutralized and are removed from the body.

So if a person feels the need for a painkiller, DMSO works far better than morphine for cancer pain, mostly from the fact that DMSO doesn't kill you, as does morphine, and without the addiction of using morphine.


Fighting Cancer

So by controlling sugar, checking ORP, and with the use of a few supplements we can keep cancer cells under control. I consider the ORP millivolts to be the qi in Chinese acupuncture, or lifeforce, as measured in millivolts. Cancer and other diseases can take hold when this qi or lifeforce is run down, traditional medicines have long known that, but foods and supplements can bring it back up. Low sugar intake can keep the qi in balance. Testing your ORP can tell you whether your body has the qi to keep itself healthy, and then we can take all of these steps to keep cancers from starting or spreading.




Copyright 2011 Earth Clinic, LLC.
All Rights Reserved.



San Fernando, Luzon, Phiippines

[email protected] 

Bill writes us, "I've been living in the Philippines for over five years now. As an uprooted Englishman, my own adjustment to the tropical climate was necessarily swift. For some years I've had a fascination for and have used herbs, but I was astounded at the proliferation and variety of fresh tropical herbs that I am now able to grow in my garden so easily. These range from simple well known herbs like Thyme and Oregano to more oblique herbs like Chanca Piedra, Heart Vine, Aloe Vera, Tumeric root and Neem. So, over a period of time, I experimented and used many of these herbs very successfully for my own systemic candida and other problems, which are now all gone. I have also used both Heart Vine and Chanca Piedra over the years to successfully help people with diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, arthritis and candida problems.

There was one old Filipino who was quite badly constipated -- in a serious condition -- he hadn't been able to go to the toilet for over a month!! His family had tried all the usual laxatives with no success at all. I figured it must have been a blockage caused by a lack of liver bile, so I gave him the Chanca Piedra and Heart Vine remedy. He had a rather large evacuation after about 3 days of taking this decoction and he is now fine.

But I have had more recent success with my old and favourite Chanca Piedra and Heart Vine decoction remedy. I live behind a large but poor Filipino shanty where I have a friendly relationship with the community. They are lovely, happy people. Recently, an uncle of a Filipino friend said he went to the doctor complaining of abdominal shooting pains and bloating. The doctors diagnosed gallstones and insisted that they would have to operate to remove the gallbladder (gallbladder removal rarely, if ever, cures gallstones in the long run).

But the uncle was far too poor and couldn't afford the operation anyway. So a family member mentioned this problem to me and I taught him how to recognize and find the herbs, which all grow in the area, and I showed him how to make the standard decoction -- which consists of just two herbs -- Heart Vine (Tinospora cordifolia) and Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) with daily dosages. In the Philippines, both these plants are regarded as useless weeds believe it or not. But in Indian Ayurvedic medicine these two herbs are revered for their rejuvenating and tonic properties.

Anyway, two months went by and word was eventually passed to me that the uncle with the gallbladder problem had successfully passed out all his gallstones naturally while taking the decoction and he was healthy once again. I really love it when I get feedback like this. To me it is simply the best sort of confirmation whether a remedy works or not.

Copyright 2011 Earth Clinic, LLC.
All rights reserved.


Welcome to the conversation! This is as exciting a time for Earth Clinic as it was when we got started more than 12 years ago, and we want to keep you up-to-date with our newest discoveries in health and healing. You've heard the best of what we have to say this week, what's new with you?

With Warmest Regards,

Deirdre Layne
Founder & Executive Director, Earth Clinic LLC
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