Qtr III - Newsletter 2018
From the President
We're in the midst of some minor projects at my house these days; painting rooms, replacing carpeting, and turning one spare bedroom into an office/craft room. So, of course, a lot of furniture and things have to be moved around so the work can be done. Packing up files the other day I realized I had financial records, tax returns, reading material, and other things that go back over 25 years. Most of this stuff we no longer needed, but there it was. As I started to put it all in boxes I told myself what I really ought to be doing was sorting it and shredding everything no longer needed. But... I then told myself, I'd get around to it later, and proceeded to put it into boxes and move it all into a closet. So why didn't I just stop and pick out the things I really needed to keep? Lots of reasons...but mostly because I realized it would take me some time to sort through everything and I told myself that I really needed to stay on task and get the room cleared out so I could begin working on it.
Life and work are like that sometimes. Clutter builds up as the years go by, and the urgency of the task at hand generally means we simply shove it out of the way so we can take care of the more immediate needs of the day. But the clutter remains. Oh, we may think about it from time to time and tell ourselves that we need to do something about it. But generally, we'll find a reason for putting it off for another time because it just doesn't seem like the effort is worth it. Twenty-five years will go by and you'll just have more clutter to deal with.
I opened one of those boxes again the other day and pulled out a file about six inches wide that was stuffed full of cards and notes I had received over the years for birthdays, Father's Day, get wells, thank you's, etc. (not sure why I kept them). I pulled out a few and began reading and memories from the past came flooding back. Mostly good, some sad, all meaningful. That's when I knew why they were still around. They helped me put my life in perspective. To see the big picture... the important things in life; family, relationships and God. Clutter can be good! But only if you go back through it every once in a while and glean those nuggets of truth and importance that can help you balance out the things of today with the fullness of life.
I leave you with this question... What's in your clutter?
Yours in His Service,
Steve Boersma, Ph.D.
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What are the goals of the new rules?

The FASB's goals for the new rules are to provide better information to donors, grant makers, creditors, and others who read nonprofit financial statements.

What organizations are affected by the new guidance?
The new rules affect substantially all nonprofit organizations, including charities, foundations, private colleges and universities, health care providers, cultural institutions, religious organizations, and trade associations, among others. (read more)

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