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By Patricia Crisafulli
Campus was closed. Going to someone’s house, even masked, was still a risk since Devon was in the demographic likely to face complications...

I've been been looking
for God this Monday in vain
in the headlines, the deadlines, the fog and the rain...

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Feast your eyes on “Real Life, with Color,” our photographic essay from Fabrice Poussin.
"This series of photographs is the result of studio experiments with spray paint, flowers, and other objects under different lighting conditions. The purpose is simply to add color to real life and, thereby, gives viewers a soothing experience."
(An excerpt from Laura's novel)
Chill bumps formed on Eze’s arms. The air cooled. Someone was watching. She kept her eyes closed and told herself it was probably that Parker child making his way down to the park. But the feeling got stronger, like someone standing behind her.
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