Aaaand here we are in November?! Things continue to happen lightening fast and rapid change abounds daily. For me and others who have concurred, it's been quite a blur and we need to get our bearings.

So if you haven't already done so, it would be a good idea to take some time to reflect on these past 18 months (before we head into the next wave of crazy!). Think about all you've been through and how you have learned and grown as a result; who you are now and what you want to do going forward.

My guess is that there is a lot to review and mull over, and that you might feel like a very different person today - whether or not you find yourself in different circumstances - and need to adjust accordingly. Trust that all the change, no matter how challenging or kicking and screaming we might have been through it, is evolving us into stronger and hopefully, better and wiser versions of ourselves.

Today's PGG essay is from the very beginning of the lockdown in March 2020. Although we are not really in quarantine-mode any longer, I think it's a good reminder of what we lived through and collectively ask ourselves: What kind of world do we want to live in now?

And remember that we all have a part to play in both creating or fighting for what we want, or saying no to anything that is not for the future greater good or takes away our power. I believe this is especially true when it comes to choices regarding our bodies, minds and wallets, as there are forces outside ourselves that would like to have even more control than they already do over every aspect of our lives. Where is the boundary? It's up to us to draw it.

The PGG Video of the Week is from June 2020 with my thoughts about what the future will look like; the Instagram post is reminder to stay aligned with your truth. And for the PGG Vibe of the Week, check out one of the songs that has gotten me through this time, Van Morrison's Spirit.

Also, it's been a hot minute since I did a Zoom anything; I plan on doing one towards the end of the month so please let me know what you would like me to offer and stay tuned for announcements.

Last but not least, if you look forward to and benefit from these weekly missives and PGG essays and want to show your gratitude, any donations for my efforts are welcome and appreciated here: And as always, please feel free to contact me with any comments about anything.

Big hug <3

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