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Astaxanthin compound found to switch on the FOX03 'Longevity Gene' in mice - Science Daily, 3/28/17 - "The Astaxanthin compound CDX-085 (developed by Cardax) showed the ability to significantly increase the expression of the FOXO3 gene, which plays a proven role in longevity ... We found a nearly 90% increase in the activation of the FOXO3 "Longevity Gene" in the mice fed the higher dose of the Astaxanthin compound CDX-085" - See BioAstin at Amazon.com .  Other recent studies on astaxanthin:
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Larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration - Science Daily, 3/30/17 - "The dose-response relationship in these two trials was also quite linear up to the levels of 6-8 g/day, thus it is possible that even higher doses may lead to still greater reductions in the duration of common cold" - See American Health Products - Ester C W/Citrus Bioflavonoids, 1000 mg, 180 veg tablets at Amazon.com.

High doses of vitamin C to improve cancer treatment passes human safety trial - Science Daily, 3/30/17 - "Clinical trials found that it is safe to regularly infuse brain and lung cancer patients with 800 -- 1000 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin C as a potential strategy to improve outcomes of standard cancer treatments ... This guarded optimism is based on the phase I trial data showing an increase in overall survival of 4-6 months in 11 glioblastoma multiforme patients (18-22 months) versus the 14-16 months survival typically seen with the standard treatment"

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