January 2011

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Message from John Barnett, President 
John Barnett, President
John Barnett, President.

The Infant Crises Services' mission statement reads like this; Infant Crisis Services provides life sustaining formula, food and diapers to babies and toddlers in time of crisis...Because no baby should go hungry.

Their employees and volunteers provide education, emotional support and guidance to the families they are privileged to serve.   Also they serve as a link to connect families with other helping agencies in addition to programs leading to self-sufficiency.  They assist more than 1000 infants and toddlers per month.

 This organization is dedicated to providing families with infant; food, clothing, diapers and other baby needs in times of need.  They won't take your kids to raise or provide the parents with money but if a family hits a bump in the road where they don't have food for their infant, this is the place to come.  

To use their services you need to be referred by some organization; church, social assistance agency, police or etc.  A family can use their services a maximum of four times during the baby's first 48 months.  

The QuanTEM team delivering supplies.

Left to Right:  Barbara Holder, Scott Leavell, Donald Foster

 Babies can't afford to miss a meal during the early stages of development.  www.infantcrisis.org.

The QuanTEM Team is proud to be a supporter of Infant Crises Services.



John Barnett
President, QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC

 EPA Fugitive Arrested in the Dominican Republic

Albania Deleon fled U.S. prior to sentencing related to asbestos training scam

Retreived January 27, 2011 from http://yosimite.epa.gov

Release Date:  11/02/2010


WASHINGTON - Nineteen months after she fled her federal sentencing hearing, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fugitive Albania Deleon was captured on Saturday in the Dominican Republic. Dominican law enforcement authorities with the assistance of the United States Marshals Service, arrested Deleon, who had disguised her appearance and assumed a false identity, following a vehicle stop. Deleon was wanted by EPA for certifying individuals as having asbestos removal training when they never took the required course.

"Albania Deleon put communities at risk by issuing fraudulent asbestos-removal training certificates to hundreds of untrained workers," said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. "This is yet another example of great teamwork and dedication of the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts, U.S. Marshals Service and our own special agents who protect the American people from environmental crimes."

"We are pleased that Albania Deleon will at last face punishment for the crimes for which she was convicted," said U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz. "I wish to commend and thank the Dominican law enforcement authorities and U.S. Marshals Service for their hard work in pursuing her."


On Nov. 20, 2008, Deleon, 40, was convicted in federal court after nearly a three week trial on one count of conspiracy to make false statements, to encourage illegal aliens to reside in the United States and to hire illegal aliens; five counts of making false statements within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; 16 counts of procuring false payroll tax returns; and five counts of mail fraud.  READ MORE 


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EPA Fugitive Arrested in the Dominican Republic
Mold Forces Bixby, OK School Classes to Relocate
Treece, KS Buyout Trust Amends 20 Property Offers
China Children Lead Poisoning Uproar
Barbara's Corner: SAMPLE PACKAGING

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Business Development Director,
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Mold Forces Bixby, OK School Classes to Relocate

Posted: Dec 06, 2010 4:52 PM CST Updated: Dec 06, 2010 6:34 PM CST


BIXBY, Oklahoma -- A Bixby school is temporarily closed because of mold.

Students at Brassfield 5th and 6th Grade Center have been relocated to other buildings on campus. Air quality tests are underway right now.

Superintendent Dr. Kyle Wood notified parents of a possible mold

scare on November 12th.


"We have been looking at Brassfield for air quality issues for a couple of months now and have utilized environmental hygienists," said Dr. Wood.What that industrial hygienist found was elevated levels of mold spores, including penicillin and aspergillus."One thing that has frustrated us a great deal is that there are no state or federal standards on what is good air quality," Dr. Wood said.


Sixth graders are now having class in a vocational agricultural building and fifth graders are in the multipurpose building. Some students have complaining of headaches and breathing problems, before the relocation."She has asthma, has one kidney, so we just got her out of the emergency room for not being able to breathe and everything, so you know, it's pretty bad, especially since the kids can't go into class now," said Ginny Myers, a parent.


The school was built in 1973 and has 330 students. School leaders have placed air scrubbers in the building and they're using a wide spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent to clear the air.Some parents, though, wonder if that's enough.


"Whether or not to actually send them to school or keep them home, because he's got asthma too, and it's not really good for him to be around stuff like that," said Susanna Martinez, a parent.


Treece, KS Buyout Trust Amends 20 Property Offers

Retreived January 27, 2011 from http://www.thejoplinglobe.com

By:  Wally Kennedy

Posted January 13, 2011 


COLUMBUS, Kan. - After reviewing about 30 offers, the Treece Relocation Assistance Trust on Thursday approved minor changes to 20 offers that could provide

additional assistance to families that want to leave the former mining town.

Bob Jurgens, who is managing the federal buyout for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said about a dozen offers that were reviewed by the trust did not change.


The trust approved closings for three houses, three mobile homes, two storage buildings and two renters for a total of about $185,000. 



In addition, the trust approved offers for seven houses, a storage building and two renters that total $317,000. 


The trust met with a half-dozen property owners and renters from Treece who had questions about their offers and the legislative framework in which the trust must operate. The trust met in the basement of the Cherokee County Courthouse in Columbus. 



Two members of the trust, John Delmont and Gene Bicknell, participated via conference call. Members Jim Dahmen, Eddie Hamilton and Betty McBride attended the meeting. 



At the conclusion of the meeting, Jurgens said about 20 property owners and renters have accepted their offers, including three acceptance letters that arrived Thursday. About a half-dozen property owners have informed the trust that they will not be moving from the town.

The trust still has about 50 to 60 cases to go, including renters.




Judge Request Mold and Asbestos Testing at Courthouse

Retreived January 27, 2011 from http://www.miamiherald.com

Posted January 11, 2011


Worried that Judge Cheryl Alem�n's surprising death last month from lung cancer may be linked to mold or asbestos contamination in the aged Broward County Courthouse, three judges have moved their chambers and requested environmental testing.


Judges Susan Greenhawt, Patti Englander Henning and Mily Rodriguez Powell, Alem�n's neighbors on the ninth floor, moved Friday to temporary second-floor offices.


"There were issues with a serious illness with one or more judges in the area," Englander Henning said in a telephone interview Monday. "Prudence suggested that we request to be moved until they can test and determine what the problem is and how it can be remedied. And obviously, it was a valid enough claim that they were good enough to move us."

The county launched a series of environmental tests last week. This week, attorneys suing the county onAsbestos behalf of courthouse employees claiming exposure to toxic mold arranged for testing at the request of several judges.


"It's our perspective that this building should not be inhabited for work; it's making people sick," said Bob McKee, law partner of Walter "Skip" Campbell, a civil attorney and former state senator who has filed a series of lawsuits on behalf of court employees. READ MORE.


China Children Lead Poisoning Uproar As Battery Factories

Sicken At Least 200 Youths

Retreived January 25, 2011 from http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Posted: 01- 6-11 10:06 AM



Two Chinese battery factories were shuttered after 24 children between the ages of nine months and 16 years old were hospitalized for lead poisoning, the BBC is reporting.



The latest in a recent string of battery-related poisonings, at least 200 children living in Anhui province's Huaining county were found to have elevated lead levels after a series of tests that began in late December. Of that 200, 24 of them were designated as "moderate to severe" cases that required further treatment and hospitalization. According to CNN, an additional five are expected to be hospitalized.



Authorities confirmed the affected children came from homes in close proximity to the factories in the densely-populated area. According to Reuters, one of the plants was separated from residences in Gaohe only by a narrow road, in clear violation of environmental protection guidelines.


Chinese villagers show the tests results of their children with excessive lead levels in their blood in Changqing, north China's Shaanxi province.


One factory, the Borui Battery Co. Ltd., was found to be operating illegally. "We can draw a clear conclusion that the lead poisoning was caused by the lead pollution of the battery plants," a official at the hospital were the children were undergoing treatment confirmed.



Local parents say they became concerned after their children appeared irritable and hyperactive.

"My son is now very cranky and restless. He yells a lot," the father of a five-year-old boy that was found to have 330.9 micrograms of lead per litre of blood is quoted by the Guardian as saying.




Just 100mcg per litre of blood is enough to impair brain development in children. READ MORE.


Barbara's CORNER
Barbara Holder, Customer Service Manager
Barbara Holder, Customer Relations Manager

Packaging Samples for Shipment 

I realize that I have addressed this issue before. Therefore to do so again must mean that it is an important issue and needs to be kept at the forefront of our minds.

Proper packaging can save time and money for you.

If you have fragile samples that can be damaged during transport, make sure you have some bubble wrap on hand to provide a cushion. You can also use paper towels, old newspapers, etc.

Air-O-Cells can be transported in an inexpensive envelope if they are protected with bubble wrap or some other kind of cushion. I receive air-o-cells everyday in envelopes wrapped in bubble wrap without any damage. The envelopes are also less expensive to ship.

Keep all the samples in a sealed plastic bag. This way if the package is damaged during transport, your samples will be safe inside the bag, not trying to roll away or slide out of sight.

Use the appropriate size shipping package. Do not over stuff a box with samples. Do not send one sample in a large box. 

Shipping costs are increasing every day. 

You can save an enormous amount of money by choosing the correctly sized container for your samples. Using the bubble wrap or cushioning will prevent damage to the samples that could initiate an expensive re-sampling project for you. Use an envelope when you can. Only use an ice chest if your samples are temperature sensitive. I had a client send a large ice chest filled with bubble wrap for 1 sheetrock sample.  It cost him almost $100 and he could have sent it by mail in a plastic baggy for .44 cents.  

So consider the type of samples you have, the amount of samples, and choose the appropriate package.

Barbara Holder has been with QuanTEM since October 2004 as our Customer Relations Manager. Barbara plays an active supervisory role with all customer interactions with QuanTEM.
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