Quarter 2 Return to Campus Details
Dear Parents,

We are overjoyed to welcome your students onto campus for Quarter 2! Please read through the following details pertaining to expectations on campus.

Before you bring your student(s) to campus each morning, please perform a home screening for Covid-19 symptoms to prevent bring the disease to campus. Please see below for more information on the home screening guidelines.
Like last year, students can be on campus as early as 7:30 am. Please familiarize yourself with the carline map before dropping off your students.
Once students are on campus, they should be wearing a mask unless actively eating/drinking or at least 6 feet from anyone else while outdoors. Please familiarize yourself with the mask policy and visual guidelines.
When students enter the building on their first day on campus they will receive their schedules, complete with classroom numbers, locker numbers, and locker combinations. Students should then visit their lockers and proceed directly to their first period classroom where they can visit with their peers without crowding the hallways.

Throughout the day students will become acquainted with school policies that are necessary during this time of the pandemic, including masks, social distancing, and handwashing, among others.

At the end of the day, carline begins at 3:35 and ends at 4pm. For students being picked up in carline, dismissal will occur from last period classrooms. Carline placards will be distributed on your student(s)'s first day on campus, so expect a faculty member to meet you at your car window to get your student(s)’s name(s).

For more information on our Upper School Campus Updates, please visit our website.
We look forward to seeing your student(s) on campus!

Yours in Partnership,
Michael Cowan
Headmaster, Upper School
Great Hearts Irving