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We are eager to celebrate the strides taken by banks like yours in the DE&I space. By sharing your bank's initiatives and achievements, you not only inspire positive change within the banking industry but also contribute to the broader movement towards a more inclusive world. Share your story with us to be featured on our website and in our magazine, mbaBanking.
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A book club is a great way that you can use to ensure your workforce learns about other workers’ experiences. For book club diversity and inclusion activities, you can select one book that your workforce will read two weeks before celebrating any cultural identity holiday.

For instance, books about the history of Pride will help your workforce remove misconceptions and promote inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community. You can also select books on age and generation disparities, race and ethnicity, disability, spiritual beliefs, and cultural diversity.

Access a list of books on inclusion and diversity.

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Our day-to-day can often be hectic. Here are self-paced training options to help you out.

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May 1 | Virtual

The MBA is hosting the next DE&I forum on May 1. This opportunity will allow you to connect with your peers around the industry regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. DE&I is a journey we all are on whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran. This forum is meant to bring us together to make the industry a more diverse and inclusive space for your teams and customers. More details to come!

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New Year’s Resolutions and Mental Health

By Matthew Szubinski, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

As we wind down from the whirlwind, and oftentimes stress, of the holidays and begin 2024, many of us are likely taking some time to catch our breath and relax, or perhaps catch up on forgotten projects we have procrastinated doing.

With the new year comes a time for most people to make resolutions. Undoubtedly, we have made a resolution, most often revolving around self-care. In fact, over three quarters of Americans will set out making a resolution, and while physical fitness often tops the list, what has been top of mind more than ever is mental health. In the article New Year’s Resolutions: Building Good Mental Health Habits from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration it also recommends keeping your mental health a priority.

While setting a resolution can come with many emotions from excitement to anxiety, it is vital to consider your well-being and personal attitude toward these goals. Included in the article are several tips to achieve this, such as having small, manageable goals in order to not feel overwhelmed, staying positive, and leaning on others for support.

Only you can determine how you can best succeed, whether that is keeping a journal or working with others to provide motivation. It is important to not compare yourself to others, especially with how easy social media makes things appear, or have overly ambitious goals that will set yourself up for failure. Remember to give yourself grace if you stumble. You can hit refresh whenever you like, perhaps choosing a different date. Just because the calendar hits January 1 does not mean a clock is running. Like most things in life, this is a journey, which will come with its fair share of obstacles, and it is important to remain positive.

Finally, if you are still thinking about your resolution or even if those types of promises aren’t your thing, I encourage you to add to your list ways to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). If you don’t know where to begin, your MBA has a wonderful list of resources on its website. View the resources here.

At the core of the DEI efforts should be making everyone feel like they belong and have a voice. There should be an attitude of acknowledgment and acceptance towards one another. Finally, this is a journey and as each of us grows, we should celebrate and appreciate the various experiences and perspectives that make us all unique. Many warm wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

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Regulator Resources

FDIC Diversity

The FDIC Diversity material contained in the Diversity Toolkit provides informative resources to assess and strengthen diversity programs in FDIC's regulated financial institutions.

The FDIC is committed to the inclusion of Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses (MWOBs) and Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) to compete and participate in the FDIC's contracting activities, asset purchasing and investing opportunities. Learn more.
OCC Diversity

The OCC's Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) administers the employee network groups that support diversity and inclusion throughout the agency. These networks offer support and camaraderie while promoting agency diversity and inclusion efforts. Learn more.
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