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Introducing Quarterly Market Insights
A Collection of Interactive Graphs, Charts, and More for SF Homes in MA
Welcome to our first Quarterly Market Insights. With the ever-changing market, we want to provide you with historic market comparisons. It’s one thing to read data points on market activity; it’s quite another thing to view detailed graphs and charts presenting the data over time. From 10,000 feet, the trends are immediately apparent.

We have spent a long time in a very low-inventory, high-competition, and rapidly rising price market, and as we’ve closed out the 2nd quarter of 2022, we can see that the winds of change are upon us in some segments of the market. To help us understand our current market compared to previous years, we have put together for you 11 informative interactive slides using single-family listing data from Pinergy.

The market remained strong through June of 2022. As seen on slide 1, while the number of sales was down almost 10% in Q2 compared to Q2 2021, average and median prices were up 11–12% while days to offer were the lowest in 5 years, at an average of 14 days. Inventory started to rise as we can see on slide 2. This could be a result of rising interest rates and sellers’ desires to capture the height of the market. Slide 3 shows that the last 8 weeks of Q2 saw an increase in weekly active inventory when compared to the same period last year. Even with the number of transactions down, sale-to-list price ratio was up to 106% (slide 4), showing that competition remained high through the 2nd quarter of this year. As a result, overall market volume stayed flat with 2021 (slide 5) thanks to the rising average sales price offsetting the falling number of closed sales.
We hope you find these interactive slides useful, as we enjoy bringing this information to you. You’ll find links to Quarterly Market Insights on Pinergy’s Home page in the MLS PIN Resources section and in the Quick Links. The market is changing, as you can see by these dramatic insights, and we look forward to bringing you more reports each quarter. 
My best to all our loyal customers,
Erminio Grasso
President and Chief Executive Officer