Provision Coalition / April 2018
Dear Members & Manufacturers:
This quarter we are focusing on reducing food loss + waste in Canadian manufacturing facilities, with exciting stories and updates to share. We just launched a new program, "Tackling Food Loss + Waste" that will provide 50 Canadian packers, processors and manufacturing facilities with food loss + waste assessments at a 50-85% cost-share over the next year.  

To demonstrate the significant annual savings potential generated from these food loss + waste assessments you can check out the story of Hans Dairy. The Mississauga, Ontario-based dairy was able to find $70,000 in cost saving opportunities.

These assessments are conducted using our recently updated Food Loss + Waste Toolkit, available online in our Sustainability Management System. The FLW Toolkit reports saving opportunities in dollars, as well as the embedded environmental and social values such as greenhouse gas emissions, electricity, natural gas, water, and calories (equated to meals) from the wasted food. The toolkit helps you quantify food loss + waste in your facility, identify root causes and solutions, and build a business case for implementing your solutions.
To monitor and track food loss + waste reductions over time, you can use our new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard. This dashboard gives you access to fourteen KPIs that we believe are critical to food and beverage manufacturers' business success. This KPI Dashboard is offered in partnership with Metrio at a bulk rate for food and beverage manufacturers thanks to the Coalition; we encourage you to start your 30 day free trial today! 

We hope these stories inspire you to get creative when it comes to your sustainability efforts. Let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered in the future. 

Cher Mereweather

Executive Director
Provision Coalition


Don't miss out on this opportunity to quantify and reduce the food loss + waste in your facility. Now offered with cost-share funding.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Provision Coalition have launched a new program to reduce food loss + waste in manufacturing facilities and support public trust research. Hans Dairy, a small dairy in Mississauga, Ontario, identified $70,000 in annual savings in their food loss + waste assessment.

What You Need to Know
  • All food and beverage packers, processors and manufacturers located in Canada are eligible.
  • Based on the number of employees at the participating facility, manufacturers will receive between 50-85% cost share on the total assessment value of $10,000.
  • Facility assessments will be conducted by Enviro-Stewards - an environmental engineering firm - and will identify and evaluate 3 food loss + waste reduction opportunities within the facility (options for expanded assessments available). 
"Our focus is helping companies improve their margins, primarily with understanding energy, water, food waste, [and] ingredient costs." 

Bruce Taylor, President, Enviro-Stewards

Contact  Marcy Lillard , FLW Program Coordinator, 519-822-2042 x4 to learn more about the program and secure your spot today!

This project is being funded as part of a grant provided by the: 
Updated Food Loss + Waste Toolkit

Do you know how much food loss + waste is costing your business? 

We have updated our Food Loss + Waste Toolkit (FLW Toolkit) to offer a more user-friendly assessment that includes new features, allowing you to easily examine up to ten operational processes/opportunities at once and assess the quantity and cost of energy, water, carbon emissions and meals associated with the waste identified.

The FLW Toolkit, part of Provision's online Sustainability Management System, is the only online resource of it's kind available at no cost to food and beverage manufacturers.

This is the same FLW Toolkit that will be used by Enviro-Stewards to conduct the onsite food loss + waste assessments in the Tackling Food Loss + Waste program described above.

The toolkit aligns with the Food Loss + Waste Protocol (verified by the World Resources Institute) and provides downloadable reports to create a business case for food loss + waste reduction projects. 

Hans Dairy Food Loss + Waste Case Study

Read about how Provision Coalition and Enviro-Stewards helped this Mississauga, Ontario based dairy recognize  $70,000 in savings opportunities through the reduction of food loss + waste.

Read the case study!
New Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard

Analyzing and reporting on data that drives your business can be labour intensive and challenging.

For an affordable and robust solution, Provision Coalition has partnered with Metrio Sustainable Business Analytics to offer food and beverage manufacturers the KPI Dashboard at a low annual cost.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard allows you to save time with data collection and interpretation, share data easily across departments, create meaningful graphs, reports and outputs and receive quarterly reports compared against industry benchmark data.

There are currently 14 KPIs available in the system, with the opportunity to customize your own dashboard.

Register for the KPI Dashboard to start your free 30-day trial.
Thank you for your continued commitment to 
making food  sustainability.