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Transforming Emotions

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! This issue features teachings, products, and downloads on the topic of Transforming Emotions, and highlights A Call to Courage ~ Online Retreat with Mukti which begins October 7.

Reflections on Emotions and Their Creation and Liberation

“I once was asked in an interview, ‘What is an emotion?’ Spontaneously, a wide grin spread across my face . . .”

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Experiencing the Raw Energy of Emotion

“Once, at a retreat where I was teaching, a woman came up to the microphone and said, ‘I feel such immense rage . . .’”

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Online Programs

A Call to Courage

Online Retreat with Mukti


  • Dive into fresh teachings from Mukti.
  • Take time to refresh and wholly devote yourself to spiritual practice.
  • Engage in live daily silent meditations with Adyashanti and Mukti.
  • Dedicate yourself to meditation practice.
  • Reflect upon and ask your innermost spiritual questions.
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Register by October 5
Adya and Mukti Meditating

Sunday Community Practice

Sunday Community Practice is an ongoing program that focuses on spiritual practice and how it can be lived in daily life. If you would like to practice meditation on a consistent basis, along with others who are dedicated to making enlightened living a priority in their lives, please join us on Sunday mornings.

Try out a single session or join as a monthly subscriber. Each practice is two hours and includes a guided meditation and a talk. Mukti will be leading these twice-a-month practices while Adyashanti is on sabbatical. (Adya often joins in meditation!)

Scholarships are available for monthly subscriptions.

  • October 2 & 23  ~ 9:00-11:00 am PT
  • November 13 & 20 ~ 9:00-11:00 am PT
  • December 4 & 18 ~ 9:00-11:00 am PT
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Broadcast with Mukti

Free Broadcasts with Mukti

  • Wed, Oct 19 ~ 6:00 pm PT Live
  • Wed, Nov 16 ~ 6:00 pm PT Live
  • Wed, Dec 14 ~ 6:00 pm PT Live

Go to Mukti’s Broadcast Page or YouTube to watch these broadcasts. Replays will be available for 24 hours on YouTube.

Go to Mukti’s Broadcast Page
Broadcast with Adya

Free Broadcasts with Adya

  • Wed, Nov 2 ~ 6:00 pm PT
  • Wed, Nov 30 ~ 6:00 pm PT

Go to Adya’s Broadcast page or YouTube to watch these prerecorded broadcasts. Replays will be available for 24 hours on YouTube.

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Adyashanti Subscription Offerings

YouTube Membership

YouTube Membership

Membership Programs on Adyashanti's YouTube channel allow us to make available a selection of full-length video teachings not previously accessible other than by purchasing them in our online store.

  • Basic Membership: $4.99/month
  • Membership Plus: 9.99/month
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The Stream Audio Subscriptions

The Stream on

The Stream on is an easy way for you to select and listen to full-length streaming audio recordings of single talks or broadcasts by Adya for a full month, so that you can delve deeper into teachings of your choice.

  • $15.00/month
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Featured Products

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Experience Adyashanti’s Core Teachings

Over the last 25 years, two central themes have been prevalent in all the various programs, broadcasts, books, and recordings Adyashanti has offered. Adya considers these to be fundamental pillars of his teachings and guidance on liberation and awakened living. 

The first theme of his teaching is awakening from separate ego identity to the greater Self.

The second theme is the embodied expression of love, fully allowing everything to be as it is.

We have selected for you key audio downloads from his library of teachings that focus on these two subjects and are offering them at a 25% discount through December 31.

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50% Off CDs and DVDs

We are offering an ongoing sale of our entire selection of DVDs and CDs at 50% off in both Adyashanti’s and Mukti’s stores. The CD and DVD formats of these products have been discontinued. While stock remains, consider getting them for yourself or others as gifts! 

Falling into Grace

Falling into Grace

Softcover Book, $13.00 $10.00 

This book gets to the core of why we suffer. It is Adyashanti’s invitation “to be taken by a moment of grace and fall into a sense of life when it is not separate from you, when life is actually an expression of something indefinable, mysterious, and immense.”

Mukti’s Store
Adya’s Store

Explore Transforming Emotions

We have curated a collection of Adya’s and Mukti’s audio downloads and excerpts under their websites Teachings Subject, Transforming Emotions. We hope that exploring these will help you meet what is unfolding in your own life. Find these below and on their Teachings pages. (Subjects and selections will change each quarter.)

Featured Audio Downloads

Re-Visioning Suffering (hand holding light)

Re-Visioning Suffering

From Muktis May 2020 Teaching Series


From Muktis November 27, 2018 Santa Cruz Meeting

Revealing the Absolute

From Muktis January 27, 2013 Marin Retreat Day

Mukti’s Downloads
Facing the Illusion of Fear (Man praying to Buddha with candles)

Facing the Illusion of Fear

Compiled from talks and dialogues recorded in 2006-2008

Finding the Capacity to Heal

From Adyas January 28, 2015 Broadcast

Transmuting the Human Stuff ~ Classic

From Adyas March 17, 2012 Oakland Meeting (Discounted Price)

Adya’s Downloads

Complimentary Audio Downloads

woman profile

Under the Overlay of “Me”

Find guidance on dealing with fear and allowing all expressions of form from our underlying formless nature.

Mukti’s Download
woman in a tunnel

From Contraction to Vastness

What causes you to go into a contracted state of being? What if all of the contraction you feel could somehow disappear?

Adya’s Download

New Teaching Video Excerpts


Excerpts from Mukti

Mukti’s Teachings

Excerpts from Adya

Adya’s Teachings

Open Gate Sangha Announcements


The Community News pages of our website include our Press Page where you can discover projects that Adyashanti and Mukti are doing or have participated in outside of Open Gate Sangha, such as interviews, talks, programs, podcasts, and articles. 

Two New Interviews with Mukti! 


Join Us for a Peace Meditation

Self-Guided Meditation

Monday, October 3, 2022

9:00–9:30 am Pacific Time

Let the power of our shared intention reach out across the globe. 

Let’s join to meditate, each in our own place and also together in a 30-minute self-guided meditation. To facilitate your self-guided meditation, we have created a 30-minute video with a starting and ending bell. Just start it when you are ready!

Go to Meditation Bell Video

Volunteer Opportunities: Open Gate Sangha needs just a few volunteers for transcription, note-taking, and editing. If you have experience in these areas, please fill out a form here

Gatherings: Adya’s and Mukti’s teachings are shared globally in Gatherings which meet in locations or online around the world. Search our database to find a group that meets in person at a location near you, or meets online via Zoom.

Adyashanti on Sabbatical: Adya is on Sabbatical through 2022. During this time, Mukti will be acting as head teacher for Open Gate Sangha. Watch Adya’s message.

In-Person Programs: When we feel ready to add an in-person program to the calendar, it will be announced via email and published on the calendar page of our website.

Sanctuary: During these extraordinary times, we hope you will consider Open Gate Sangha, the Teachings, and your own practice, to be a sanctuary—a place of rest, renewal, and replenishment of spirit, offering a universal ground where everybody is respected equally; a shared space where spirit can be fully present and accepted—where whatever is in your heart can be revealed.

Read our Antiracism Statement here: Antiracism, Inclusion, and Open Gate Sangha: What We Are For and What We Are Doing

Antiracism Statement

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Our Teachers


Mukti, whose name is translated as “liberation,” is a teacher at Open Gate Sangha, in the lineage of Adyashanti. Her talks point audiences back to their natural state of wholeness or undivided consciousness. For teaching excerpts, audio downloads and CDs, qi gong videos, and a calendar of Mukti’s programs, visit her website.

If you are new to Mukti, we invite you to watch an inspiring full talk: Weaving Consciousness (1:23:25)

Go to Mukti’s Site

Adyashanti, author of The Direct Way, Sacred Inquiry, The Most Important Thing, and The Way of Liberation is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. 

New to Adyashanti? Here’s a complimentary download of his 53-page book: The Way of Liberation: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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