June 2022
The LGS Group Quarterly
A new solution to rampant catalytic converter theft
Catalytic converter theft has increased almost 293% nationwide in the past two years, according to the State Farm Claims Data Report.

Help protect your vehicle with CATalert, a catalytic converter anti-theft alarm that works on any commercial vehicle.

Any attempt to remove the catalytic converter or disable CATalert will cause the horn to honk. An output signal is provided for additional functions to deter and/or report theft.
Secure your fleet with custom theft prevention options

One of InterMotive's top priorities is creating products designed to protect vehicles and their assets.

We have a huge array of anti-theft options to suit your specific needs, including:

• Automatic shift locks/door locks
• Idling vehicle shift locks
• Complete vehicle door lock control
• Weapons rack/hatch lock control
• Vehicle cabinet locks/alarm
• Combined idle mitigation, shift and door locks

Check out our theft prevention products and find your peace of mind.
InterMotive expanding its market into South Asia and the Middle East
InterMotive continues to gain popularity with reliable products for vehicle safety, theft prevention and performance optimization.

Word has spread outside North America and InterMotive is working with companies in the United Arab Emirates and India to design new products for their vehicles.

Stay tuned to follow InterMotive's journey as the company expands into more markets overseas.
2022 trade shows
Visit us at the following events this Summer:

MPTA Conference | Higgins Lake, MI | June 20-22

Police Security Expo | Atlantic City, NJ | June 28-29

STN Expo | Reno, NV | July 15-20

CTAV Expo & Conference | Virginia Beach, VA| Aug 9-11

Fleet Patrol Conference & Expo | Austin, TX | Aug 15-18

MPTA Annual Meeting & Trade Show | Crystal Mt, MI | Aug 22-24

FL CTD Expo | Orlando, FL | Aug 30-31

Home Delivery World | Philadelphia, PA | Aug 31-Sept 1
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