September 2022

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Why you should consider anti-theft solutions for your fleet

A quick Google search will show that work trucks, ambulances, buses and even law enforcement vehicles are stolen quite frequently.

Theft can involve the entire vehicle or just its contents, either of which can set a business back with serious expenses for replacements, not to mention operational disruptions.

Chevy and Ford chassis are listed as the top two vehicles most stolen in the United States, according to this year's "Hot Wheels" NICB Annual Auto Theft Report

With vehicle thefts at historical highs since COVID-19, purchasing theft prevention products for your fleet can help you gain some peace of mind. 

InterMotive has a wide variety of anti-theft products to suit your specific needs. Learn more today!

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Make vehicle security effortless with AutoGARD

AutoGARD is an anti-theft system that is activated automatically every time the vehicle is placed in Park.

It provides instant protection by auto-locking the transmission. The driver can simply exit while the vehicle remains secure.

AutoGARD is the perfect solution for ambulance, delivery, work truck and passenger vehicles that need protection from theft.

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catalytic converter theft

How to protect your fleet from catalytic converter theft

InterMotive recently published an article with insights on catalytic converter theft.

Read the article to learn about:

• Why theft is so rampant;

• What types of vehicles are targeted;

• Where theft is the worst; and

• What you can do to safeguard your fleet from being attacked.

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