March 2022
The LGS Group Quarterly
New Inside Sales Associate
We'd like to introduce Danny Bowers as a new Inside Salesperson!

Danny handles transit, mobility, school bus and RV product sales inquiries and orders.

He can be reached by email at or by phone at 775-831-2002 ext. 205.
Save money amid rising fuel costs with EcoStar III idle mitigation system

EcoStar III optimizes fuel economy by automatically turning the engine off/on based on customizable conditions to prevent needless idling.

You'll be able to cut idle time by up to 50 percent and keep track of your fuel savings using the free mobile app.

Idling also causes wear and tear on your engine, so EcoStar III can save you on vehicle maintenance costs down the road.

Additional features include anti-theft key-out mode and automatic door lock/unlock, shift lock input and more.

Now's not the time to waste fuel or money with unnecessary idling, but it is time to consider EcoStar III.
Need to read the Transit electric parking brake signal?
If you're looking to activate or control vehicle equipment and need to read the electric parking brake signal for a Ford Transit (2021 and newer), we've got that, and more.

Check out InterMotive's customizable CAN data systems including Upfitter Interface Module, Aftermarket Interface Module and FlexTech.
2022 trade shows
Visit us at the following events this Spring:

Alabama RTAP Spring Conference | Gulf Shores, AL | Mar 23-25

NCPTA Conference & Expo | Concord, NC | Apr 8-13

NAFA Institute & Expo | Columbus, OH | Apr 11-13

Arizona's Annual Transit Conference | Tucson, AZ | Apr 12-14

CalACT Spring Conference & Expo | Newport Beach, CA | Apr 19-22

Lehr Auto Fleet Show | Sacramento, CA | May 5

GM Fleet Solutions Summit | Phoenix, AZ | May 9-11
Sales inquiries and questions:

Todd Long
Transit, Mobility, School Bus and RV Products
775-831-2002 ext. 203

Bob Van Ee
Ambulance, Fire and Law Enforcement Products
775-831-2002 ext. 208

Marc Ellison
Work Truck Products
775-831-2002 ext. 201
LGS Group Automotive Technologies
Master Distributor for InterMotive