June 2020
The LGS Group Quarterly
InterMotive salutes SoundOff Signal as new product distributor
The joint effort focuses on delivering InterMotive systems to current and new customers while expanding the breadth of products SoundOff Signal offers.
Need some help with your fuel costs?

Boosting your fuel savings is all about the correct combination of driving style, vehicle maintenance and smart technology.

Check out InterMotive's guide to maximizing fuel efficiency and learn how to save some green!
In the News

EcoStar /EcoStar III now part of Quebec's green technology incentives for work trucks

In Canada, the Quebec government has recently approved and added InterMotive's EcoStar and EcoStar III idle reduction systems to its "Green Technologies" list.

Canadian buyers can receive a 30% subsidy for installing EcoStar or EcoStar III on a work truck.
New: Break Out Box videos

Watch a short video series on Break Out Box and learn how it can help your CAN bus connections run more smoothly.

Video topics include:

  • The difference between BOB and BOBe, and how they work
  • Ordering specs and module connections
  • Install overview and troubleshooting
LGS Group staff update
Previously handling Service Parts, Megan Walker has moved into LGS Group administration. Service parts are now ordered through Inside Sales.

Megan can be reached at:
775-831-2002 ext. 202 or mwalker@lgs-group.com.
For sales inquiries, orders and service parts, contact:
Kevin Green
Transit, Work Trucks, Mobility, School Bus and RV Products
775-831-2002 ext. 205

Debbie Cabrera
Law Enforcement, Ambulance and Fire Truck Products
775-831-2002 ext. 214
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