June 2021
The LGS Group Quarterly
New "Engine Off" feature on EcoStar III and IdleLock products

InterMotive has recently developed a new theft prevention feature that shuts down the engine if the service brake is pressed.

Currently available for select chassis, the Engine Off feature is an optional purchase for IdleLock and EcoStar III.

For more information, contact your LGS Group national sales manager.
Returning to trade shows
Our vaccinated sales team is gearing up and excited to head back to trade shows this summer!

Interacting in this new environment is still a challenge. Rest assured that we will keep our exhibit spaces sanitized and respect attendee preferences on handshakes, distancing, etc.

Visit us at the following events this summer:

Police Fleet Expo | Richmond, VA | Aug 16-19

Police Security Expo | Atlantic City, NJ | Aug 24-25

NAFA Institute & Expo | Pittsburgh, PA | Aug 30 - Sept 1

IACP Annual Conference | New Orleans, LA | Sept 11-14

IPTA Fall Conference | Peoria, IL | Sept 14-16

OPTA Annual Conference | Akron, OH | Sept 15-17
sneaking up
Officer Protection Package for 2021 Dodge vehicles still available
Law enforcement agencies can still get the Officer Protection Package for 2021 Dodge Charger and Durango vehicles through InterMotive.

OPP detects movement behind the vehicle and alerts the officer with audio/visual warnings, locks doors and more.

Make officer safety a priority and order the Officer Protection Package (part #C-OPP-711-A).
New FlexSpeak videos

Check out the new tutorial videos for the FlexSpeak ADA Talking Bus system.
Global raw materials shortages cause a price increase
LGS Group and InterMotive continue to be significantly impacted by the global shortage of computer chips and those in the semiconductor industry created by the pandemic.

You are likely to see increases in lead times and/or rescheduled orders from us based on our suppliers' inability to meet their quoted lead times.

To help offset this negative financial impact, LGS Group has been compelled to increase our sales price by 6 percent, effective July 1, 2021.
Sales inquiries and questions:

Todd Long
Transit, Mobility, School Bus and RV Products
775-831-2002 ext. 203

Bob Van Ee
Ambulance, Fire and Law Enforcement Products
775-831-2002 ext. 208

Marc Ellison
Work Truck Products
775-831-2002 ext. 201
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