March 2021
The LGS Group Quarterly
EcoStar III mobile app now available for Apple devices
The mobile app for the EcoStar III key in/out idle mitigation system now works on the iPhone and iPad. The free iOS app complements the Android version that was originally released with the product over a year ago.

EcoStar III automatically turns the engine on/off based on customizable conditions to optimize fuel economy, reduce engine wear and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The mobile app enables users to custom program EcoStar III module settings, remote stop/start the vehicle and track fuels savings data.

New theft prevention features include automatic door lock/unlock and an input for securing cabinets and auxiliary doors using the OEM key fob. A shift lock is also provided to lock the transmission in Park.
SeatLINK offers small size head unit option
The SeatLINK seat information tracking system, sold exclusively through Freedman Seating Company, now offers a choice of head unit display and mount sizes.

The system displays and monitors the occupancy and belt status of passenger seats. Details are provided to the driver via a head unit display.
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In the News

InterMotive's Door Lock Module secures non-OEM doors, now on more chassis

InterMotive has recently added Ford E-series and Transit chassis applications to its popular Door Lock Module.

This security product enables users to remotely lock/unlock all doors on the vehicle using the OEM key fob, a lock switch or keypad.
Coming soon: New theft prevention system for delivery and work vehicles

AutoGard is a new security product to help keep delivery vehicles and work trucks safe from theft.

Features include:

- Automatically locks the transmission when placed in Park

- Works with the engine on or off

- System is disabled by pressing on a hidden bladder on the floor

AutoGard will be available for Ford F59 and E-Stripped chassis initially. Look for more details soon!
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